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Dario Betti


Matt Hatton

Founding Partner - Transforma Insights

Nassia Skoulikariti

IoT Program Director - MEF

Larry Socher

VP Strategy & Solutions - Eyese

Brian Chiu

Business Development Manager - China Mobile International Ltd.

Alessio Piussi

Director Mobile Private Networks & Strategic Partnerships - POD Group

Charles Bernard

CTO - Zariot

Andrew Parkin-White

Advisor - MEF

Jimmy Jones

Head of Security - Zariot

Prof. Dror Fixler

CEO & Founder - FirstPoint

Yogesh Lulla

Vice President - Sales for Global Mobility/IOT/Cloud Connectivity & Voice - PCCW

Joe Weiss

WW Leader IoT & Edge Intelligence - Cisco

Khaled El Shabrawy

Government and Smart City Lead - Microsoft

Gary Casey

Software Engineer - Atsign

Ciaran Flanagan

Global Head of Datacenter Solutions & Services -Siemens

James Williams

Director of Programmes - MEF

Juan Grobbelaar

Collaborative Partnerships Owner - SABRIC

Anzelle Robertson

Business Development Director Africa - Sam Media

Ahmed Al-Khulani

Data & Anti-fraud Manager - Sam Media

Waheed Adam

Executive Chairperson - iTouch

Nilay Kumar

Vice President - mFilterIt

Katia Gonzalez Gutierrez

Head of Fraud & Security - BICS

Dmitry Sumin

Head of Products - AB Handshake Corporation

Tim Ward

VP Number Information Services - XConnect

Michael Becker

Personal Data & Identity Working Group Chair - MEF

Kev Dawson

Group CEO - PM Connect

Jay O'Sullivan

President - IZON3Agency

Ross Flynn

Advisor - MEF

Louise Ford

Managing Director - Empello

Toby Padgham

Co-founder & Director - MCP Insight

Peter Garside

Head of Charge to Bill & Digital Identity - BT

Amelia Newsom-Davis

Director Payment, Messaging & Identity - Orange France

Jonathan Bennett

Chief Commercial Officer - DOCOMO Digital

Rakshit Kapoor

Director, Partnerships - DOCOMO Digital

Simon Bailey

Head of Partnerships, Gaming & New Categories - EE & BT

Hugo Marshall

VP Commercial - Napster

Scott Taylor

Fraud Protection & Compliance Consultant - FICO

Mark Parker

Managing Director - Metab3e

Mathias Muehlfelder

Sr. Director Partner Management - EMnify

Corry Brennan

Head of Global Sales - Astrocast

Afzal Mangal

Founder- by Deutsche IoT

Jon King

Chief Commercial Officer - Kaleido Intelligence

James Moar

Principal Analyst - Kaleido Intelligence

Christian Wagner

Managing Partner - BAYFU

Asaf Gigi

VP Marketing - floLIVE

Richie Gill

Product Management Director - KORE Wireless

Nanda Menon

SVP Corporate Development - Athonet

Guillermo Escofet

Principal Analyst, Digital Consumer Products - Omdia

Joanna Cox

General Manager - AIMM

Jeremy Flynn

Co-Founder - Empello

David Ashman

Head of Compliance - MCP Insight

James Barnett

Three Pay Product Exec - Three UK

Roger Davies

SVP Carrier Partnerships - PM Connect

Deon Pinetown

SVP, Africa - PM Connect

Seema Seema Khinda Johnson

Co-Founder & COO - Nuggets

Steffan Sorrell

Chief of Research - Kaleido Intelligence

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