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Mechanical Engineering Design Day

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Clark School of Engineering



Intralox is a division of Laitram, L.L.C., with an extensive portfolio of innovative products and services that improve lives and optimize business worldwide each day.

Carrier Corporation

As a global provider of sustainable building and refrigeration solutions, we’re committed to making the world safer and more comfortable for generations to come.

Team 1 - Coaster Cleaners

Roller Coaster Disinfecting System

Team 2 - The Liberty Dagger

Dual-Pack Backpack Sprayer

Team 3 - The Pantstones

Automated Pants Dresser

Team 4 - Mad Potters

Autonomous Greenhouse

Team 5 - Holy Rollers

Beach Wheelchair

Team 6 - Team EEE

The Styrofoam Baler

Team 7 - Styrobusters

Styrofoam Cleanup

Team 8 - Team Tremors

Tremor-Proof Computer Mouse

Team 9 - Team Hernia

Elevating Running Board

Team 10 - Team EV-olution

Wireless Electric Vehicle Home Charging System

Team 11 - Gutter Guys

Gutter cleaning project

Team 12 - S.P.L.A.T.T

Harness for Balance and Reach Test

Team 13 - RoboDocs

Autonomous Disinfection of Medical Kiosks

Team 14 - Hold My Phones

Smartphone Motion Capture Device

Team 15 - Tidal Tech

Reduced Labor Oyster Cultivation System

Team 16 - Com Col Crew

This product simulates multiple hand diseases for the purpose of providing design validation to engineers and researchers. Arthritis is simulated using a spring system and neuropathy is simulated through the pneumatic bladder system.

Team 17 - The Button Benders

The Buttonator

Team 18 - A Leg Up

Improved knee brace for mobility assitance

Team 19 - Green Wall

EcoCube: Rethinking Green Wall Technology

Team 20 - Team Firefighters

Aimed Fire Suppression Sprinkler Head

Team 21 - Team Green

Green Wall Irrigation System

Team 22 - Plague Busters

Locust Inhibiting Deployable Apparatus (L.IN.D.A.)

Team 23 - The Swing Dancers

Jacob's Automated Swing

Team 24 - MRF Shredders

Dual-Function Plastic Bag Remover