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Measuring Purpose Conference 2020

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Samira Khan

Senior Manager, Global Impact Engagement @

Skya Nelson

Former President & COO @ Fed By Threads

John Izzo

Author @ The Purpose Revolution

Brad Sparks

Executive Director @ The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability (A4S)

Stephanie Choi

Partner & CMO @ Rewilder

Bob Willard

Chief Sustainability Champion & Founder @ Sustainability Advantage

Dave Rapaport

Global Social Mission Officer @ Ben & Jerry’s

jennifer silbert

Founder, Designer, and Material Specialist @ Rewilder

Haider Nazar

CEO & Co-Founder @ MAHA Global

Alina Sanchez

CEO & Conference Event Host @ MLabs

Mike Rowlands

President & CEO @ Junxion Strategy

Lisa Shufro

Chief Storyteller @ Measure What Matters

Adam Garfunkel

Co-Owner & Managing Director @ Junxion Strategy

Cindy J Lin / Hey Social Good

CEO & Co-Founder @ Hove Social Good Intelligence

Jeffrey Hollender

Co-Founder, Former President & CEO @ Seventh Generation

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