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Back2School Week

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Joshua Tefal

Level 2 Elec/iBio

Om Bhatt

Level 2 HESE

Abbas Canteenwala

Level 3 HESE

Christina Negus

Level 2 EngPhys/iBio

Samarth Kumar

Level 2 Software/iBio

Leah Carley

HTHSCI 1I06 TA, Matls/iBio Level 3

Ammar Channa

APEx Review Session Coordinator

Andrew D'Elia (He/Him)

VP Academic, MES

Mariel Serra

Leadership Development Coordinator

Emily Izzotti

Leadership Development Coordinator

Aras Siddiqui

Chief Returning Officer, MES

Sophie Dyment (she/her)

MES Mentorship Program Coordinator

Erin Yusek (She/Her)

VP Student Life

Daniel Picone

Student Engagement Specialist

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Committed to creating a Brighter World.


McMaster Engineering Society

Talk to our exec team!

Engineering Co-Op and Career Services

Learn more about ECCS!

Get Involved in Clubs and Teams

with Daniel Picone

How to Secure a Research Position

With MacSER

Academic Advising

Get to know Sinah Lee, Jennifer Hamilton and Nathan Butterworth!

Steel Bridge

Come build a 22 foot-long steel bridge!

McMaster Competitive Programming

The competitive programming group at McMaster

Heavy Construction Student Chapter

Site Visits, Employer Events and More!

McMaster Society for Engineering Research (MacSER)

Learn about exciting events and opportunities in research!

McMaster Seismic Design Team

Learn more about our Team!

Women in Engineering Society

Promoting Equity and Inclusion for Female-Identifying Students in the Faculty of Engineering

MAC Formula Electric

Learn about our team and how you can join!

McMaster Engineering Musical

A goofy group of pals doing fun things on stage!

First Year Experiential Conference


Equity & Inclusion

A resource for fostering equity and inclusion in the MES.

Bachelor of Technology Association

Organizing Social, Academic, and Professional Events for B.Tech Students

Computer Science Society

McMaster Computer Science


The MES Sustainability Committee

MES Wellness Committee

Advocating for Student Mental Health and Wellness

MES Mentorship Program

We are here to help you create long-lasting connections!

McMaster Engineering Competition


Academic Resources Booth

Learn about our Academic Services Committee!

McMaster Start Coding

Broaden access to STEM and Computer Science

McMaster Baja Racing Team

McMaster Baja Racing Team Recruitment

Engineers Without Borders

[email protected]

McMaster Engineering Custom Vehicle Team

Technical Team

McMaster Design League


McMaster Solar Car

Technical Team

Ontario Society For Professional Engineers

Learn about the Ontario Society For Professional Engineers!