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Mastering Product Leadership

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Richard Mironov

Product Management Guru, Mironov Consulting

Steve Goldsmith

Head of Product, Atlassian

Lalita Ponnekanti

Strategic Operations Executive, Business Transformation Agent

Justin Lokitz

Author & Strategy Guru, Business Models Inc.

Jon Fan

Vice President of Products at Benchling

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

CEO Product School

SC Moatti

Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

Sudhir Kaushik

Head of Product, Fire TV, Amazon

Neeraj Mathur

VP Product, ForUsAll

Arjun Saksena


Laura Marino

Chief Product Officer, TrueAccord Guest Lecturer, Stanford University

Stacey Weber

Principal Facilitator at Market-Driven Business

Sarah Mitchell


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Product Development Days

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Product Development Days

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