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Ian Pinnington

Principal, ArcTern Ventures

Ibraheem Khan

CEO, Extract Energy Inc.

Marie-Justine Labelle

Head of Responsible Investment, Desjardins Investments

Stéphan Morency

Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Fondaction

Andrew Chisholm

Corporate Director, Royal Bank of Canada

Patrick Dore

Sustainable Solutions Manager, Mackenzie Investments

Catherine McKenna

Former Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Ariana Constant

Director, Clinton Development Initiative, Clinton Foundation

Carla Robinson

Writer / Producer, Wassum Productions Inc.

Kelly Gauthier

Managing Director, Rally Assets

Mike McCreless

Executive Director, Impact Frontiers

Monique Aiken

Managing Director, TIIP

Pietro Bertazzi

Global Director - Policy Engagement and External Affairs, CDP

Romina Boarini

Director, OECD Centre for Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE)

Mike Williamson

CEO, Cascadia Seaweed Corp.

Marty Reed

CEO, Evok Innovations

Prageet Nibber

CEO/Founder, Rewatt Power

Cheri Corbett

Managing Director, Cleantech Practice, BDC

Adam Radwanski

Climate Change Columnist and Feature Writer, Globe and Mail

Ash Agarwal

CEO, Symboticware

Fei Luo

Co-Founder and CEO, Liven

Dustin Angelo

President and CEO, Novamera Inc.

Dan Curwin

Director of Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, Stash Energy

Brooke Rewa

Founder, Goodmylk

Angelique Ahlstrom

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Flash Forest

Kevin McLaughlin

CEO, Zygg

Leah Perry

Manager, Cleantech Venture Services, MaRS

Jeffrey Cyr

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Matt Jamieson

President and CEO, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation

Kathleen Gnocato

Senior Director, Corporate Innovation, MaRS Discovery District

Jean Olemou

Co-Founder & Principal, GreenDev

Jason Jay

Senior Lecturer, Director, Sustainability Initiative, MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

Dan Woynillowicz

Principal, Polaris Strategy + Insight

Nick Xenos

Executive Director, TBS, Centre for Greening Govt

Ran Goel

CEO, Fresh City Farms

Karen Hamberg

Chair, Clean Technology Economic Strategy Table, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Allyson Hewitt

VP Impact, MaRS Discovery District

David Keith

Professor, Applied Physics & Public Policy, Harvard. Founder and Board Member, Carbon Engineering

Blair Miller

Managing Partner, TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good and VP, Social Impact Ventures

Leah Nguyen

Investment Director, TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

Peter McArthur

VP National Cleantech Lead, Royal Bank of Canada

Graeme Millen

Director, Technology Banking, Silicon Valley Bank

Melanie Adams

Vice President & Head, Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment, RBC Global Asset Management

Gary Ryan

Executive Lead, CAN Health

Denise Balkissoon

Ontario Bureau Chief, The Narwhal

Lindsay Wallace

Director, Canada Forum for Impact Investment and Development

Joshua Wong

CEO, Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation

Charles Nyabeze

VP Business Development & Commercialization, Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation

Fernando Alvarado

CEO, Deetken Impact Sustainable Energy

Sam Ramadori

CEO, BrainBox AI

Seth Sheldon

Chief Scientific Officer, Rho Impact

Sarah Kearney

Executive Director, Prime Coalition

Lori Kerr

CEO, FinDev Canada

Anna Stukas

VP Business Development, Carbon Engineering Ltd.

Marie-Claude Bourgie

Greater Montreal Climate FundExecutive Director,

Lisa Helps

Mayor, City of Victoria

Ryo Okumura

Department Manager, Upstream x Carbon Management, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)

Myra Arshad


Sumreen Rattan

Co-Founder & COO, Moment Energy

Desiree Fixler

Former Sustainability Officer, DWS Group

Robert Eccles

Visiting Professor of Management Practice, Said Business School, Oxford University

Brandon Moffatt

VP, StormFisher

Imran Noorani

Chief Strategy Officer, Peak Power Inc.

Stacy Kauk

Director, Sustainability Fund, Shopify

Nicolina Farella

Program Director, McConnell Foundation

Nivatha Balendra

CEO & Founder, Dispersa

Judy Li

Vice President, Energy Foundry

Susan Rohac

VP, Cleantech, BDC Capital

Nneka Kibuule

Senior Vice President, Aligned Climate Capital

Mark Campanale

Founder, Executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Mark Cupta

Managing Director, Prelude Ventures

Manjula Selvarajah

National Columnist, CBC

Amanda Hall

CEO/Founder, Summit Nanotech Corporation

Alexandra Tavasoli

CEO, Solistra

Julie Angus

CEO, Open Ocean Robotics

Margaret Atwood

Writer, O. W. Toad Ltd.

Farah Samdjy

News Anchor, Journalist, Global News

John Balbach

Director, Impact Investments, MacArthur Foundation

John McNally

Senior Associate & Program Lead, Clean Growth, Smart Prosperity Institute

Luna Yu

CEO, Genecis Bioindustries Inc

Tom Boddez

Partner, Active Impact Investments

Michael D'Aurizio

Investment Director, Climate Tech, HSBC Global Asset Management

Evelyn Allen

CEO & Co-Founder, Evercloak

Chanel Damphousse

Partner, MKB

Derek Lim Soo

Founder & CEO, Peak Power Inc.

Remi Desa

CEO, Pantonium Inc.

Natalie Ashdown

Chief Operating Officer, Evoco

Heather Ward

President & Co-Founder, Hyperion Energy

Emma McIntosh

Ontario Reporter, The Narwhal

Myrna Bittner

CEO Co-Founder, RUNWITHIT Synthetics Inc.

Adria Vasil

Managing Editor, Corporate Knights

Cameron Jones

Chief Operating Officer, Flash Forest

Leslie Labruto

Head of Investment Strategy, Acumen

Barbara Zvan

President & CEO, University Pension Plan Ontario

Laura Butler

Managing Director, The Trottier Family Foundation

David Arsenault

CEO, Effenco

Jonathan Frank

Head of Clean Energy, Vancity Community Investment Bank

Jason Sukhram

Director, Impact Measurement & Management, MaRS Discovery District

Bryce Jones

CEO, Flash Forest

Narinder Dhami

Executive Lead, New Power Labs

Jean Lebel

President, International Development Research Center

Laurie Menoud

Partner, At One Ventures

Yung Wu

CEO, MaRS Discovery District

Cailee Ellis

Head of Sustainability and Environment, Lafarge Canada Inc.

Tyler Hamilton

Director, Cleantech Ecosystem, MaRS Discovery District

Kathryn Wortsman

Managing Partner, Amplify Capital

Asvini Keerawella

Senior Manager, National Programs, MaRS Discovery District

Shirley Speakman

Senior Partner, Cycle Capital

Katharine Hayhoe

Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy

Sonam Velani

Founder and CEO, The Urban Resilience Studio

Falguni Shah

Vice President, Technology and Innovation, Elexicon Energy Inc

Angelyn Francis

Reporter, Toronto Star

Jean-Simon Venne

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, BrainBox AI

Mike Skirzynski

Director, Strategy & Corporate Development, Peak Power Inc.

Mary Ng

Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development, Canada

Stephan Nicoleau

Managing Director, FullCycle

Laura Bryson

Head of Operations, SWTCH Energy Inc.

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