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Peter Thomas

Director at RMIT Forward University

Braden Ream

CEO at Voiceflow

Sam Burns

Demand Marketing Lead at Voiceflow

Denise Martinez

Conversation Design Senior at Salesforce

Gary Pretty

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

Willian Costa

Head of Professional Services - Americas at Infobip

Rafael Cunha

CX Consultant at Infobip

Stephen Broadhurst

Head of Customer Solutions at HumanFirst

Sarah Critchley

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Helen Babb-Delia

Founder, CEO of Yes Get It

Gregory Whiteside

CEO at

Marika Sarén

Lead Automation Consultant at

Alan Nichol

Co-founder, CTO at Rasa

Jasper Klimbie

Creative Director at CDI Services

Hailey Burgess

Product Manager at American Red Cross

Lyndsey Gibbons-Neff

VP, Customer Success at Dashbot

Ryan Mortensen

VP of Research at Dashbot

Hans van Dam

CEO at Conversation Design Institute

Ali Pinch

Conversation Designer at Leading Australian Retailer

Nicholas Laing

Conversation Designer at JPMorgan Chase

Nicole Merill

Sr. Conversation Designer at Intuit

Bret Kinsella

Synthetic Media

Stefan Van Tulder

CEO Talent Data Labs

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