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Zach Segal


Tadge Dryja

MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Marco Santori

Chief Legal Officer @ Kraken

Ling Zhang

VP of M&A @ Binance

Shan Aggarwal

Head of Corporate Development @ Coinbase

Nic Carter

Cofounder @ Coin Metrics

Dave Balter

CEO @ Flipside Crypto

Esteban Ordano

Cofounder @ Decentraland

Michael Moro

CEO @ Genesis Global Trading

Gregory Di Prisco

Head of Business Development @ Maker Foundation

Camila Russo

Founder @ The Defiant

Antoni Trenchev

Cofounder & Managing Partner @ Nexo

Peter Van Valkenburgh

Director of Research @ Coin Center

Catherine Wood

Founder & CEO/CIO @ Ark Investment Management

Priyanka Desai

VP of Operations & Business Development @ OpenLaw

Chris Powers

Writing @Dose of DeFi & @GovernThis_

Anthony Pompliano

Host @ The Pomp Podcast, Cofounder & Partner @ Morgan Creek Digital

Rebecca Rettig

Partner & Co-Chair of FinTech & Blockchain @ FisherBroyles

Mario Laul

Researcher @ Placeholder

Michael Belshe

CEO @ BitGo

Albert Wenger

Managing Partner @ Union Square Ventures

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer @ CoinShares

CZ (Changpeng Zhao)

Founder & CEO @ Binance

Balaji Srinivasan

Editor-in-Chief @ Nakamoto

Joseph Lubin

Cofounder @ Ethereum, Founder @ ConsenSys

Zachary Seward

Managing Editor @ CoinDesk

Jeff Roberts

Reporter @ Fortune

Sebastien Couture

Cofounder & Host @ Epicenter Podcast

Ashley Tyson

Cofounder @ Web3 Foundation

Derek Alia

Cofounder @ Futureswap

Michael Shaulov

Cofounder & CEO @ Fireblocks

Hart Lambur

Cofounder & CEO @ UMA

Joe Lallouz

Founder & CEO @ Bison Trails

Matthew Roszak

Chairman & Cofounder @ Bloq

Frank Chaparro

News Director @ The Block

Dovey Wan

Founding Partner @ Primitive Ventures

Jonas Lamis

Founder & CEO @ StakerDAO

Mona El Isa

CEO @ Melonport

Charles Cascarilla

Cofounder & CEO @ Paxos

Neha Narula

Director of the Digital Currency Initiative @ MIT Media Lab

Anders Brownworth

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Sergey Nazarov

Cofounder @ Chainlink

Peter Pan


Rene Reinsberg

Founder & CEO @ Celo

Elizabeth Stark

CEO & Cofounder @ Lightning Labs

Peter Najarian

Chief Revenue Officer @ BitGo

Hsin-Ju Chuang

Founder @ DystopiaLabs

Demian Brener

Founder & CEO @ OpenZeppelin

Mickey Maher

Head of Flow Partnerships @ Dapper Labs

Zaki Manian

Cosmos / Principal Cofounder @ iqlusion

Zooko Wilcox

CEO @ Electric Coin Capital (Creator of Zcash)

Ryan Selkis

Cofounder & CEO @ Messari

Kris Marszalek


Peter Smith

Cofounder & CEO @ Blockchain

Tom Jessop

President @ Fidelity Digital Assets

Danny Ryan

Ethereum 2.0 Lead Developer @ Ethereum

David Vorick

Cofounder & CEO @ Sia

Qiao Wang

Advisor & Former Head of Product @ Messari

Lasse Clausen

Founding Partner @ 1kx

Miha Grcar

Head of Business Development @ Bitstamp

Diogo Monica

Cofounder & President @ Anchorage

Yaniv Tal

Project Lead @ TheGraph

Ryan Sean Adams

Founder @ Mythos Capital

Marguerite deCourcelle

CEO @ Blockade Games

Loi Luu

Cofounder & CEO @ Kyber Network

Taylor Monahan

Founder & CEO @ MyCrypto

Hayden Adams

Founder @ Uniswap

Will Warren

Cofounder & CEO @ 0x

Robert Leshner

Founder @ Compound

Dan Elitzer

Investor @ IDEO CoLab Ventures

Dominic Williams

Founder & Chief Scientist @ DFINITY

Ryan Watkins

Research @ Messari

Wilson Withiam

Research @ Messari

Jack Purdy

Research @ Messari

Roham Gharegozlou

Dapper Labs

Muneeb Ali


Nick Cavet

Head of Marketing & New Business at Sila

Harry Sudock

Grid Infrastructure

Matt D'Souza

Blockware Solutions

Alex Gladstein

Human Rights Foundation

Mariano Conti

Maker Foundation

Zachary Fallon

Ketsal Consulting

Bruce Pon

Ocean Protocol

Ricky Dodds

ICON Foundation

Peter McCormack

Host of What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Alex Romanov

CTO & Beam

Eugene Ng


michael Bucella

BlockTower Capital

Ashley Tyson

Near Protocol

Peter Watts

Props Token

Dan Held

VP of BD @ Kraken

Stani Kulechov

Founder & CEO @ Aave

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Coda Protocol

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Flow, the blockchain for open worlds


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Metronome - a fully autonomous cryptocurrency and monetary system that is built to last and satisfies the requirements of DeFi, store-of-value, and method-of-payment applications.

Ocean Protocol

Unlocking a new Data Economy


The Value Transfer Layer for ETH and ERC20 Tokens


Ontology is a high performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform.


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SKALE Network, the decentralized elastic blockchain platform for securely scaling Ethereum-based apps.


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The OAN (Aion)

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V Systems

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xx network

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Zilliqa Research

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