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Carles DiaZ

Idea Owner - Idea 02

Shoma Otsuka

Idea Owner - Idea 13

Sakhile Hlengwa

Idea Owner - Idea 04

Ednaldo Laube

Idea Owner - Idea 05

Jan Schultes

Idea Owner - Idea 01

Hannes Marlok

Idea Owner - Idea 03

Felipe Mazuco

Idea Owner - Idea 06

Fabio Araujo

Idea Owner - Idea 11

Peter Koppi

Idea Owner - Idea 12

Tirath Singh

Idea Owner - Idea 14

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We are an innovation enabler and ecosystem builder guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

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Christian Buerck, Gerhard Zsiga and Jan Schultes (Germany)

Idea 01: Anycharge -Smart charging infrastructure for e-scooters

Ioannis Nasiokas and Carles Diaz Gil (Germany)

Idea 02: Storage Air Con 2.0 - RV air conditioner that can store energy during the day

Hannes Marlok, Thomas Schmider and Tino Gallas (Germany)

Idea 03: HtwoU - Electrolyzer unit to produce hydrogen

Sakhile Hlengwa (South Africa)

Idea 04: Far UVC Air Con & Surface Disinfectant - Removal of bacteria and viruses in vehicles

Ednaldo Laube Silva (Brazil)

Idea 05: Energy Saver - Improvement of thermal efficiency & water reusage

Felipe Mazuco (Brazil)

Idea 06: Repair Shop and Car User App - Digital locator, repair offer and appointment scheduling

Jongwan Park (South Korea)

Idea 07: Thermocontrolled Mattress - Heating and cooling of mattresses

Janez Smid and Boris Jurkovic (Slovenia)

Idea 08: IoT meets MAHLE products - Making our products smart & connected

Gordon Kennedy (UK)

Idea 09: Bigish Data - Redesign of MApps to process vehicle data

Weifeng Zhang (China)

Idea 10: Centralized charging service of scooter battery packs - Increase quality and convenience of charging stations

Fabio Mendes de Araujo and Marcio Coenca (USA)

Idea 11: MAHLE Compact Gas - Portable gas powered emergency charger for EVs

Peter Koppi (Austria)

Idea 12: Fire Extinguishing Systems - Cooling system for batteries in case of fire

Shoma Otsuka (Japan)

Idea 13: E-Foil - Electrically driven foilboard

Tirath Singh (India)

Idea 14: Increasing Oxygen - Converter that filters outside air and converts it into pure oxygen