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Toronto Machine Learning Summit on NLP

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Anna Rogers

Post-doctoral Associate, University of Copenhagen

Suhas Pai

Chief Technology Officer, Bedrock AI

Jérôme MASSOT, PhD

Machine Learning Geoscientist, Schlumberger

Yanshuai Cao

Sr Research Lead, Borealis AI

Patricia Thaine

Co-Founder & CEO, Private AI

Rachael Tatman

Senior Developer Advocate, Rasa

Federico Fancellu

Senior Research Scientist: NLP, Samsung AI Toronto

Laureano Moro-Velazquez

Assistant Research Professor, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

David Scharbach

Executive Director TMLS

Nils Reimers

NLP Researcher, HuggingFace

Heng Ji

Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Armen Aghajanyan

Research Scientist, Facebook AI

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