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MAA MathFest 2021

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The Mathematical Association of America is the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts. We further the understanding of our world through mathematics because mathematics drives society and shapes our lives.

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MAA MathFest

Welcome to the MAA MathFest Virtual Exhibit Hall!

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Interventions for Math Anxiety at the Community College (A Systematic Literature Review)

MAA PosterFest

Creating a Data Science Program

MAA PosterFest

Penguin Trail Networks: Applications of Graph Theory & Agent-Based Modeling

MAA PosterFest

Degree bounds for invariant skew polynomials

MAA PosterFest

LEGO Duplo Activities for Calculus III

MAA PosterFest

Penalized Regressions with Different Tuning Parameter Choosing Criteria and the Application in Economics

MAA PosterFest

On Transient Analysis of Delta_n Markov Chains

MAA PosterFest

Breathing Life (Sciences) into Mathematics Courses

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Teachable Moments: Navigating Difficult Conversations in a Math Class

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Mathematics Outreach with (Instant) Insanity!

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Dixie Tensor Scholar Program

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Encouraging Undergraduate Research in Mathematical Modelling in Epidemiology

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Math in the Field: An Affordable and Scalable Cross-Disciplinary Undergraduate Research Project

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Girls Talk Math - Engaging Girls through Math Media

MAA Outreach Poster Session

My First Virtual Sonia Kovalevsky Day

MAA Outreach Poster Session

COMP: Graduate students building and promoting community and inclusivity during a pandemic

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Hop-Skip-Slide: Number Line Fun!

MAA Outreach Poster Session

MAGPIES: Math & Girls + Inspiration = Success

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Establishing the Mathematicians of Color Alliance at Texas

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Math Tutoring Buddies Program

MAA Outreach Poster Session

Recovering a time-dependent source function in a parabolic equation

MAA PosterFest