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Melanie Brensinger

Founder and Managing Partner, A1A Investment Partners

Michael (A.B.) Orr

Managing Director & CIO, Alternatives, Xponence

Susan Black-Beth

COO, Avante Capital Partners

Alexis Alvarez

Founder, Career Rockstars

Bessie Watts

Director, External Board of Directors Program, Vista Equity

Alastair Goldfisher

Contributing Editor, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mark Fortune

Contributing Editor, Mergers & Acquisitions

Anna Edwin

Global Head of Talent Development, TPG

Jeff Magny

Founder & Managing Partner, Lincoln Road Global Management

Leon Brujis

Partner, Palladium Equity Partners

Gennell Jefferson

Partner, Investor Relations, Vistria

Kristin DePlatchett

Partner, Head of Investor Relations, Trilantic

Marlene Timberlake D'Adamo

Chief DEI Officer, CalPERS

Anne Clarke Wolff

Founder, Independence Point Advsors

Amy Weisman

Managing Director, Sterling Investment Partners

Divya Gopal

Head of DEI, Alpine Investors

Candice Richards

ESG/Compliance Officer, Managing Director, MidOcean Partners

Deborah Gallegos

Managing Director, Palladium Equity Partners

Allison Hill

Head of Diversity & Social Responsibility, Roark Capital Group

Philip Amoa

Managing Partner (Philadelphia Office), McCarter & English

Sheryl Schwartz

CIO, Alti Financial

Jeri Harman

Founder, Avante Capital Partners

Liddy Karter

Founder, Mizzen Capital

Suzanne Yoon

Founder, Kinzie Capital Partners

Willie Woods

Co-Founder, ICV Partners

Mina Pacheco-Nazemi

Managing Director and Co-Head, Funds & Co-Investments, Barings

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Mergers & Acquisitions


McCarter & English

9:15- Keynote Panel: Message from the Top: Firm Founders Speak

10:30- Starting Your DEI Journey Strategic Planning

11:15- Recruiting: Improving Diversity Through Talent Acquisition

12:00- How to Create an Inclusive Culture

1:30- LP Keynote Panel: How Limited Partners are Driving DEI

2:15- Case Studies on DEI Success Stories

Improving Diversity in M&A

Recording from a Recent M&A Event

M&A Leaders in DEI SPEAK: David Grain

An Interview with Grain Management's Founder & CEO

How to Develop the Right DEI Metrics

M&A Leaders in DEI Speak: DJ Deb

M&A Leaders in DEI Speak: Giulianna Ruiz

M&A Leaders in DEI Speak: José E. Feliciano