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Frank Brilliant

CEO at Lux Research

Marisa Kopec

Chief Research Officer at Lux Research

Kevin Pang, Ph.D., MBA

Vice President, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux Research

Jerrold Wang

Analyst at Lux Research

Harini Venkataraman, Ph.D.

Analyst at Lux Research

Kristin Marshall

Analyst at Lux Research

Laura Krishfield

Research Associate at Lux Research

Arnold Bos

Managing Director, Consulting at Lux Research

Josh Haslun, Ph.D.

Research Director, Agrifood Sciences at Lux Research

Chloe Herrera

Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Jessica Hernandez

Analyst at Lux Research

Oscar Gamez

Consultant at Lux Research

Runeel Daliah

Senior Analyst at Lux Research

Cecilia Gee

Analyst at Lux Research

Jinze Dai

Analyst at Lux Research

Chris Robinson

Director, Research at Lux Research

Arij van Berkel, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research at Lux Research

Anthony Schiavo

Research Director at Lux Research

Akshay Chaudhari, Ph.D.

Analyst at Lux Research

Xiao Zhong, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst at Lux Research

Michael Holman, Ph.D.

Vice President and Group Director for Manufacturing and Materials at Lux Research

Tugce Uslu, PDEng

Analyst at Lux Research

Anthony Vicari

Analyst at Lux Research

Holly Havel

Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Abhirabh Basu

Analyst at Lux Research

Vladimir Roznyatovskiy, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst at Lux Research

Cole McCollum

Analyst at Lux Research

Shriram Ramanathan, Ph.D.

Research Director at Lux Research

Danielle Bradnan

Analyst at Lux Research

Nardev Ramanathan, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst at Lux Research

Lisheng Gao, Ph.D.

Analyst at Lux Research

Charles Willard

Analyst at Lux Research

Miraj Mainali

Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Samhitha Udupa

VP Product Operations, Chief of Staff at Lux Research

Yuan-Sheng Yu

Managing Consultant, Energy at Lux Research

Michael Sullivan

Analyst at Lux Research

Tiffany Hua

Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Jamie Grippi

Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Elizabeth Kolbert

Pulitzer Prize-winning Science Writer & Journalist

S.D. Shibulal

Advisor at Innovations Investment Management India Pvt. Ltd

Noah Helman

Chief Product Officer at Industrial Microbes

René Rozendal

Managing Director at Paques Biomaterials

Adam Rauwerdink

VP, Business Development at Boston Metal

Jennifer Beach

Co-Founder and COO at Starfire Energy

Murray Reed, Ph.D.

CEO at QLM Technology

Camiel Verschoor

Founder and CEO at

Fred van Beuningen

Managing Partner at Chrysalix Venture Capital

Charles Vaslet

Partner at Emerald Technology Ventures

Christophe Marché

Global Business Development Leader for Packaging & Specialty Plastics at Dow

Anil Achyuta

Investment Director at TDK Ventures

Julia Mangin

Business Development & Sustainability Manager at Recology

Terhi Johanna Vapola

Vice President, Founder and Head at Helen Ventures

Eleanor Jones

CEO at Skintelligent

Marc Rippen

CEO at Alertgy

Karen Gilsdorf

Material Innovation Engineer at Patagonia

Nina Birger

VP of Partnerships at Greentown Labs

Paolo Bavaj

Head of Henkel Tech Ventures at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Sharayla Cleare

Open Innovation Leader at The Clorox Company

George Palikaras

President and CEO at Meta Materials Inc. (META)

Gourab Mukherjee

CEO and Co-Founder at Aktivolabs

Oded Kraft

CEO at GrayMatters Health Ltd.

Jay Bhatia

Founder and CEO at Agilis Chemicals, Inc.

Robert Fraser

President and CEO at Molecular You Corporation

Andrey Ivankin

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Stoicheia, Inc.

Annika Greve

Director, Business Development at TerraCycle

Alexander Lakemeyer

CEO at Pinpools GmbH

Matt Stanley

Director, Cleantech Investments at BDC Capital

Ariella Charny

CMO at Albo Climate

Devesh Bharadwaj

CEO at Pani Energy

Phil Brown

Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Circularise

Fazal Mahmood

CEO at Phaseshift Technologies

Alan Blatter

Senior Manager, Evaluation Sciences at Edgewell Personal Care

Abhijit Salvekar

CTO at Polymerize

Leah Lawrence

President and CEO at SDTC

Austin Sendek

CEO and Founder at Aionics, Inc.

Chioma Ukonu

Co-Founder and COO at RecyclePoints

Miriam Eaves

Head of Origination at BP LaunchPad

Sarah Eckersley

Global Director, Research, Development & Technical Service at Dow

Brian Spain

Platform Development Manager at Domtar

Dan Persica

Manager, Strategic Planning & Market Development at Domtar

Marcian Lee, Ph.D.

Analyst at Lux Research

Benny Ong

Managing Consultant, APAC at Lux Research

Shishir Jairam

Research Associate at Lux Research

Toby Knight

Investor at BP LaunchPad

Dawn Kelly

Head of Communications at Boston Metal

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