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Carrie Priebe

Referrals - Customer-led Product Spotlight

Tarun Kapoor

Economics of Patient Success - Roundtable

Christy Flaherty

Lumabot - Customer-led Product Spotlight

Shannon Zemantauski

Scheduling - Customer-led Product Spotlight

Micheal Gibson

Customer Panel Discussion

Kevin Railsback

Director of Sales: Core Team

Jennifer Etter

Head of Product & Design

Aditya Bansod

Co-Founder & CTO

Adnan Iqbal

Co-Founder & CEO

Stacy Porter

Customer Keynote

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Luma Health

Needing to see a doctor is hard. Getting care shouldn't be. Luma's Patient Success Platform™ unifies and automates each of a patient's healthcare journeys -- access & operational, clinical, and financial -- to help them be healthier. It integrates with more than 80 EHRs to give staff and clinicians a fuller view of the patient with less manual outreach. With Luma, healthcare organizations see an average of 37% more referred patients in the first six months, and achieve a 39% average revenue increase.