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Llamedos On the Clacks 2021

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Daniel Knight

Troll Bridge Cast and Crew

Don Bridges

Troll Bridge Cast and Crew

Anna Huber

Troll Bridge Cast and Crew

Jewels Jones

Postman Jones

Christian Bloch

Troll Bridge Cast and Crew

Francine Carrel

The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Podcaster

Joanna Hagan

The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret Podcaster

Vincent Oberheim

Maskerade Expert

Stephanie Holt

Sword Expert

Al Kennedy

Desert Island Discworld

Colm Kearns

Radio Morpork

Elizabeth Flux


Marc Simonetti

Discworld Artist

Rachel Anthony-Rowlands

Llamedos Director

Bec Brown AKA Kaos & Just Neil

Pat-tricians Challenge

The event is over

Online Discworld fan event run by the team who run the live interactive event Llamedos Holiday Camp

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Cosplay Competition

Cosplay Competition where you get to vote for the winner !

Llamedos On the Clacks Maskerade

Watch our Maskerade entries and VOTE for the BEST!

Gonnagle Eisteddfod

Read the entries to our Gonnagle Competition and vote for your favourite!

Exclusive Llamedos On the Clacks Design Merchandise

David Wyatt created this amazing artwork for Llamedos On the Clacks and we are giving you the opportunity to wear it loud!

Llamedos Holiday Camp + Llamedos On the Clacks Merchandise

Grab our exclusive 2021 On The Clacks Merchandise here from our own CMOT Dibbler.

Memories of Llamedos Holiday Camp 2020

Take a trip down memory lane with our iconographs of 2020

Irish Discworld Convention 2021

The 7th Irish Discworld Convention will be held from 08th-11th October 2021 at the Cork International Hotel

German Discworld Convention

Celebrate Discworld with your friends!

Australian Discworld Convention

Nullus Anxietas 7a

Backspindle Games

Backspindle Games