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Life Summit 2020

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Steven Schwartz

Dr VIBE, Bioharmonic Technologies

Ken Funahashi

Partner, WSGR

Peter Chang

Director, Center for AI in Diagnostic Medicine, UCI

Jessica Lake

Director of Research, Limbix

Elias Arjan

Senior Vice President, Biostrap

Dmitri Leonov

Co-Founder, Taopatch USA

Vivienne Ming

Founder & Executive Chair, Socos Labs

Nadine Dabby


Jim Cooper

CTO, Braid Theory

Ron Li

Assistant Professor and Medical Informatics Director at AI Clinical Integration, Stanford

Jun Axup

CSO & Partner, IndieBio

Dylan Morris

General Partner, CRV

Sean Young

Executive Director, Institute for Prediction Technology

Ilana Golbin

Director of Emerging Tech & AI, PwC

Ilan Shapiro MD FAAP FACHE

Medical Director of Health Education and Wellness, AltaMed

Benjamin Treuhaft

Co-CEO, Helpful Engineering

Jennifer McCaney

Co-Executive Director, UCLA Biodesign

Achuta Kadambi

Assistant Professor, UCLA Engineering

tod davis

Director of Advanced Analytics, Cedars-Sinai

Freddy Nguyen

Co-Director, MIT COVID-19 Challenge

Michael Ip

Chief of the Vitreoretinal Surgery Service, Doheny Eye Centers

Stephanie Culler

Co-Founder and CEO, Persephone Biosciences

Yan Liu

Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Laura Li

Chief Executive Officer, Breakthrough Genomics

Rose Yu

Assistant Professor, UCSD

Brian Dolan

CEO, Verdant AI

Ariana Anderson

Assistant Professor, UCLA

Aiden Aceves

Graduate Researcher, Caltech

Claire Bonaci

Sr. Director US Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft

Gary Wolf

Founder, Quantified Self

Ida Qin

AI Software Engineer, Intuitive Surgical

John Desjarlais

Chief Scientific Officer, Xencor

Tracy Donegan

Chief Information and Innovation Officer, MLK Community Hospital

Artur Kiulian

Founder and Scientific Advisor, CoronaWhy

Leonardo Rios Solis

Assistant Professor Synthetic Biology, The University of Edinburgh Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology

Hector Garcia Martin

Staff Scientist, Berkeley Lab

Tijana Radivojevic

Berkeley Lab, Data Scientist

Gavin Doherty

Founder and Scientific Advisor, SilverCloud Health

Tami Abdollah

Senior Reporter, Dot LA

Michalyn Andrews

CEO, Provenance Biofabrics

Alec Nielsen

Co-founder & CEO, Asimov

Barbara Lavery

Chief Program Officer, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Amanda Daflos

Chief Innovation Officer, City of Los Angeles

Charles Fracchia

Chief Executive Officer, BioBright

Dave Whelan

Chief Executive Officer, BioscienceLA

Timothy Gardner

CEO, Riffyn, Inc.

Zohreh Shams

Senior Research Associate , Cambridge University

Adhi Sikand

PhD Candidate , USC and President, BCLA

Ross Mead

Vice President, AILA

Stanley Frencher

Assistant Professor-in-Residence , UCLA DGSOM and UCLA Urology

Matt Mulrennan

CEO, EnVest

Jessica Grondin

Laboratory Manager, BioLabs at The Lundquist

Erick Herring


Wen Dombrowski MD MBA

Chief Convergence Officer, CATALAIZE

Matthew Markert

Neurologist, Sutter Health - Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Erick Moen

Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech

Anant Madabhushi

Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Srinivas Sadda

President & CSO, Doheny Eye Institute

Llewellyn Cox

General Partner at Mars Lab and Adjunct Professor, The Keck School of Medicine at USC

Kyle McClary

CEO and Lead Developer, Microscape

Kevin Zhang

Partner, Upfront

Andrew Morris

Chief Enterprise Architect, Children's Hospital LA

Nadine Afari

Manager, Research Programs at CHOC Children's Hospital and The University of California, Irvine

Adam Yala

PhD Candidate, MIT CSAIL

Helen McBride

Entrepreneur In Residence, Caltech

Alan Young

CMO, Safe Health Systems

George Tolomiczenko

Director of Medical Innovations, UC Irvine

Stephanie Hsieh

Executive Director, Biocom LA

Joe Wilson

Managing Director, Undeterred Capital

Jasmine Berry

CTO & AI Research Scientist, Harexi

Leonardo Alvarez

CEO & Co-founder, Protera

Itai Cohen

Professor of Physics, Cornell University

Eleazar Eskin

Department Chair of Computational Medicine, UCLA

Todd Terrazas

Executive Director, AI LA

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AI LA is an LA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to catalyze innovation through education, conversation, and collaboration.

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