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Polish Astrobiology Society

We are a group of Polish scientists whose research reaches far beyond the Karman line. We work in various fields, including biologists, geologists, physicists and even lawyers. However, we are united by a common goal - to study life in the Universe. We decided to work together to develop and popularize astrobiology in Poland.

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Karolina Popowska

The role of machine fault diagnosis and health monitoring for space exploration mission purposes

Aditya Ray

Biosignature Exploration in Martian Volcanic Terrains: Insights from India's Deccan Volcanics

Kayla Smith

The Process We Call Earth: Relationships Between Dynamic Feedbacks and the Search for Gaiasignatures in a New Paradigm of Earthlikeness

Michalina Krakowiak

Survival of repetitive anhydrobiosis in tardigrades: a study on Paramacrobiotus experimentalis (Kaczmarek et al., 2020) and Pam. gadabouti (Kayastha et al., 2023)

Francisco Ismael Román Moreno

Importance in Astrobiology: Are viruses dead or alive?

Dawid Jurczyński

XCO satellite monitoring system using elements of artificial intelligence

Tim Johnsen

Improving Neural Network Efficiency for Space Robotics

Karolina Chowaniec, Kaja Skubała

Biological soil crust as a model for astrobiology

Mijin Lee

-Sugar + Amino Acids → Inter planetary Vitamin B3?

Aleksander Kossakowski

Unveiling Cosmic Kinship: Remote Homology Detection in Proteins

Carla Alejandre Villalobos

Modeling a primordial, non-enzymatic RNA replication in the early Earth

Magdalena Bartylak

Response of anhydrobiotic tardigrades to conditions at high altitude during sounding rocket flight

Aleksandra Kulig

Per algae ad astra - the potential role of algae in space exploration and sustainability

Aruna Devi TM

Analysis of new molecular structures found in Enceladus using Deep Learning algorithms

Yacine Khiter

Watercraft Helper to Assess Life on Enceladus - WHALE

Subhajit Hazra

Ethical Considerations of Space Militarization and Weaponization

Sibsankar Palit

Spectral signatures from the Venusian clouds

Nigora Mamatakhunova

Mission of the search for life and habitable zones on Saturn moon Enceladus with scorpion-like rover SCORPIUS and an orbiter HALIA

Mikołaj Gurba

Energy carrier molecules in prebiotic chemistry

Lina Marcela Uribe Grajales

DFT Meets Wave–Function Methods for Accurate Structures and Rotational Constants of Histidine, Tryptophan and Proline

Yeljair Monascal

Reaction mechanism of CN + c-C₃H₆. A computational study

Kajetan Gudowski

Cube Rover: A New Dimension of Space Exploration

Juliana Campos Meurer

Astroecology: astrobiology meets ecology in a new framework

Maxwell Packebush

Amyloids in the Earliest Forms of Life

Kacper Dudczak

Analysing Microbial Metabolic Pathways in Earth's Atmosphere: Insights for Astrobiological Research

Bartosz Rybacki

Suborbital space biosciences research as an entrance to deep space exploration - AstroGen Research Group