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Lenovo Channel Workshop - Elements of AI

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Dorothea Baur, PhD

Founder and Owner of Baur Consulting

Valerio Rizzo, PhD

EMEA AI Leader - Lenovo ISG

Davide Cuttini

R&D Manager – BidPremium

Francesco Fornasa

AI Development Lead – The Edge Company

Souheil Hanoune


Mariusz Kolanko

Co-Founder – ByteLAKE

Marcin Rojek

Co-Founder – ByteLAKE

Serge Palaric

VP Alliances & OEMs EMEA – NVIDIA

Rajat Mani Thomas

A.I. Lead – Serket-Tech

Enrico Busto, PhD

CTO – AddFor

Fabio Masci

CEO – The Edge Company

Noam Rosen

EMEA Director, HPC/AI – Lenovo ISG

Michael Hennecke

Chief Technologist - HPC Storage & Networking – Lenovo ISG

Miro Hodack, PhD

Global AI Architect – Lenovo ISG

Anil Thapa

HPC/AI Technical Architect – Lenovo ISG

Nicholas Borsotto

WW Manager for AI Partnership – Lenovo ISG

David Ellison

Sr. AI DataScientist – Lenovo ISG

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Lenovo AI Solutions

Focused on a bold vision to deliver smarter technology for all, Lenovo is developing world-changing technologies that create a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society. Lenovo’s mission is to make AI solutions easy to consume by global customers is enabled through its ability to partner with leading developers and data scientists. Leveraging Lenovo’s AI innovation centers, AI architecture and hardware expertise, Lenovo is helping move AI from concept to reality.