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LeadHERs Summit

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Erin Henkel

Senior Portfolio Director, IDEO

Kelly Chapman

Senior Associate, WSGR

Amy Caiazza

Partner, WSGR

Shannon Sartin

Chief Technology Officer, Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation

Donna M. Lecky

CFO & Co-Founder, HealthVenture

Sri Muthu

CEO & Co-Founder, HealthVenture

Dwayne Edwards

Portfolio Director, IDEO

Asahi Pompey

Global Head of Corporate Engagement & President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation

Vanessa Pegueros

Co-Founder | WOCCC

Lisha Bell

Co-Founder | WOCCC

Christi Muoneke

Co-Founder | WOCCC

Cynthia Mackey

Co-Founder | WOCCC

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