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LaunchDarkly Galaxy

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Saipriya Balasubramanian

Assistant Director, Test Engineering, Northwestern Mutual

Matthieu Labbé

Senior Software Engineer, Hulu

Caley Brock

Senior Software Engineer, VTS

Vivian Taylor

Release Manager, iCIMS

James Da Costa

Director of Engineering, Brandwatch

Yoz Grahame

Customer Success Engineer, LaunchDarkly

Chris Tarquini

Customer Success Engineer, LaunchDarkly

Daniel OBrien

Senior Solutions Engineer, LaunchDarkly

Karishma Irani

Product Management Lead, LaunchDarkly

Lexi Ross

Engineering Lead, LaunchDarkly

Somer Powell

Senior Web Analyst, Advance Auto Parts

Jeremy Cox

Application Manager, Ally Financial

Aaron Kaka

Senior Product Architect, Pearson

Dominic Hopton

Software Architect, Hulu

Kyle Schrade

Senior Software Engineer, StockX

Fabrizio Fortunato

Head of Frontend Development, Ryanair

Mark Burry

Senior Developer, iPipeline

Edith Harbaugh

CEO & Co-Founder, LaunchDarkly

John Kodumal

CTO & Co-Founder, LaunchDarkly

Rick Riensche

Senior Software Engineer, Autodesk

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LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that empowers all teams to safely deliver and control software through feature flags. By separating code deployments from feature releases, LaunchDarkly enables you to deploy faster, reduce risk, and iterate continuously. Over 1500 organizations around the world -- including Microsoft, Atlassian, and IBM -- use LaunchDarkly to build, operate, and learn from their software.



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