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Vanessa Gaik

Group Director of Brand Partnerships - TikTok Canada

Valeria Lipovetsky

Founder - VALERIA INC.

Sam Crawley

Marketing Lead - Peace Vans

Ryan Lanzendorf

Global Creator Marketing Lead - Pinterest

Stephanie Gilbert

Founder - The Social Media CEO

Paula Hopkins

Founder - Chakra Zulu Crystals

Cameron Uganec

SVP Marketing & Growth - Later

Babba Rivera

Founder - Ceremonia

Brandon Smithwrick

Sr. Content Strategist - Squarespace

Asya Kislyuk

Policy Programs Manager - Instagram

Anne Mercer

Partner - Victus Coffee

Andrea Norquay

Founder - Nadaré Co.

Amaan Nathoo

Director, Customer Success - Later

Alex Lieberman

Co-Founder - Morning Brew

Evan Marshall

Vice President of Partnerships - Black Menswear

Jam Gamble

Founder - Slay The Mic Program

Grace Murray

Vice President Strategy - Fohr

Georgie Hyatt

Founder - Rotaro

Felicia Ip

Founder - Designs by Felicias

Fabiola Millican

Senior Social Marketing Manager - PicMonkey

Desirée Dawson

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Yoga Teacher

Christine Yurie

DJ Yurie

Chrissy Abram

PR and Influencer Marketing Manager - Later

Lexie Carbone

Campaign Manager - Later

Keenya Kelly

Short-Form Video Expert - Solo Entrepreneur

Kate Hewko

Founder - Kate Hewko

José René Martínez

Co-Owner - Victus Coffee

John Perlmutter

Creative Director - Haskapa

Jill Warren

Content Marketing Specialist - Later

Jera Foster-Fell

Founder - The Social Media Saloon

Jenna Labiak

Founder - The Silk Labs

Janine Jurji

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Later

Monique Thomas

Content Writer - Later

Matt Mullenax

Co-Founder & CEO - Huron

Lucas O'Keefe

Content Creator and Social Media Strategist

Lissette Calveiro

CEO - Influence with Impact

Lily Yange

Model, Content Creator, TV Fashion Expert

Lilian Umurungi-Jung

Founder - Mumgry

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