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Rachel Teague

Senior Knowledge Management & Training Specialist at Southern New Hampshire University

Ly Nguyen

VP of Product at Guru

Mitchell Stewart

Co-founder and CTO at Guru

Amy Lavoie

VP of People Success at

Julia Soffa

Principal Internal Communications Manager at Guru

Kelly Parks

Revenue Enablement Manager at Ceros

Sam Strom

Head of Enablement at Gem

Mo Weinhardt

Director, Knowledge Management & Content at Mach49

Mirhonda Studevant

Program Manager, Knowledge Management at LinkedIn

Jen Paxton

VP of People at

Allison Palombo

Chief of Staff at Cake

Rick Nucci

Co-founder and CEO at Guru

Gary Sorrentino

Global CIO at Zoom

Dana Tessier

Director of Knowledge Management at Shopify

Cynthia Gordon

Director of Customer Experience at

Taylor Paschal

Senior Knowledge Manager at Noom

Renée Osgood

Customer Success Enablement Manager at Matillion

Petr Olmer

Senior Director, Sales Engineering and Enablement at GoodData

Lashay Glover

Director of Customer Service at Avocado Green Brands

Kristin Fretz

Director of RevOps at Bread Financial

Jessica Bauer

Head of Internal Communications at Brex

Johnny Boufarhat

Founder and CEO at Hopin

Natalie DeVito

Executive Operations Manager of R&D at 15Five

Kristin Reynolds

Knowledge Manager at 15Five

Amanda Yanushefski

Revenue Enablement Manager at 15Five

Joe Gaspard

Content, Curriculum, and Systems Enablement at Airtable

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