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Knight Public Spaces Forum 2020

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Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams is an associate professor at MIT, where she also directs the Civic Data Design Lab.

CRUX Ruffin

Lauren Ruffin is a co-founder of Crux with 20 years of experience in policy and strategic planning.

Jay Pitter

Jay Pitter, MES, is an award-winning placemaker, author, and speaker.

Mark de la Vergne

Mark de la Vergne is the Michigan Director for Cavnue.

Raul Moas

Raul Moas is Knight Foundation Miami program director.

Bryan Lee Jr

Bryan C. Lee, Jr. is an architect, educator, writer, and design justice advocate.

Charles Thomas

Charles Thomas leads Knight Foundation's work to foster & support Charlotte's equitable development.

Lynn Ross

Lynn M. Ross is the founder and principal of Spirit for Change Consulting, LLC.

Sara Zewde

Sara Zewde is principal of Studio Zewde, a landscape architecture, urbanism & public art firm.

Shin-pei Tsay

Shin-pei Tsay is director of global policy for cities/transportation in Uber’s Central Policy team.

Chantel Rush

Chantel Rush is managing director of The Kresge Foundation’s American Cities Program.

Kathryn Ott Lovell

Kathryn Ott Lovell is commissioner of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

Naomi Doerner

Naomi Doerner is a principal and the director of equity, diversity and inclusion at Nelson/Nygaard.

Joshua Edmonds

Joshua Edmonds is the City of Detroit’s inaugural director of digital inclusion.

Justin Garrett Moore

Justin Garrett Moore is executive director of the New York City Public Design Commission.

Maura McCarthy

Maura McCarthy joined Fairmount Park Conservancy as its executive director in 2019.

Rachel Stark

Rachel Stark is a senior urban designer and landscape architect for the City of Charlotte.

Lilly Weinberg

Lilly Weinberg is senior director for community and national initiatives at Knight Foundation.

Jacqueline Lu

Jacqueline Lu is co-founder of Helpful Places and helps organizations use tech and data.

Shamichael Hallman

Shamichael Hallman currently serves as the manager of the historic Cossitt Library in Memphis, Tenn.

Urban Consulate

Claire Nelson is co-founder of Urban Consulate, a network of parlors for urban exchange.

Dana Bourland

Dana Bourland works at the intersection of issues related to health, poverty and the environment.

Sam Gill

Sam Gill is senior vice president and chief program officer at Knight Foundation.

Vikram Grover

Vikram Grover is senior director of partnerships at Niantic Inc.

Eli Lehrer

Eli Lehrer is president of R Street Institute.

Anna Richards

Anna Richards is Macon program assistant for Knight Foundation.

Christopher Thompson

Christopher Thompson is Knight Foundation program director for San Jose.

Raphael Clemente

Raphael Clemente is executive director for the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority.

Tamika Butler

Tamika Butler is a national expert on environment, equity, organizational behavior and change.

Paul Farber

Paul Farber is director of Monument Lab & senior research scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jordan Sun

Jordan Sun is the chief innovation officer for the city of San Jose.

Deanna Van Buren

Deanna Van Buren is the co-founder and design director of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces.

Ryan Streeter

Ryan Streeter is the director of domestic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Amanda Howell

Amanda Howell is a project manager at the Urbanism Next Center at the University of Oregon.

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey is a social innovator and president and CEO of The Miami Foundation.

Priya Sircar

Priya Sircar is director for arts at Knight Foundation.

Chelina Odbert

Chelina Odbert is co-founder and executive director of Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI).

Lysa Ratliff

Lysa Ratliff is the acting CEO and vice president of partnership development at KABOOM!

Meli Harvey

Meli Harvey is a senior computational designer at Sidewalk Labs.

Carol Coletta

Carol Coletta is president and CEO of the Memphis River Parks Partnership.

Roshell Rinkins

Roshell Rinkins is senior director for grants administration at Knight Foundation.

Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond is co-founder and executive director of the High Line.

Kyle Kutuchief

Kyle Kutuchief is Knight Foundation program director for Akron.

Melvin Carter

Melvin Carter is a fourth-generation St. Paul, Minn. resident and mayor of the City of St. Paul.

Nico Larco

Nico Larco is a professor at the University of Oregon and director of the Urbanism Next Center.

Mitchell Silver

Mitchell J. Silver is commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks.

Ming-Chun Lee

Dr. Ming-Chun Lee is an associate professor in the School of Architecture at UNC-Charlotte.

Bridget Marquis

Bridget Marquis is the manager of Reimagining the Civic Commons.

Liz Ogbu

Liz Ogbu is a global expert on engaging and transforming unjust urban environments.

Alberto Ibarguen

Alberto Ibargüen is president and CEO of Knight Foundation.

Daniel Horrigan

Mayor Daniel Horrigan has been mayor of the City of Akron since January 2016.

Nathaniel Wallace

Nate Wallace is Knight Foundation Detroit program director.

Molly Scott

Molly M. Scott is a principal research associate at the Urban Institute.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen works at ioby, a national nonprofit crowdfunding platform for community-led change.

Judilee Reed

Judilee Reed serves as program director of Creative Communities at the William Penn Foundation.

Robert Zarr

Dr. Robert Zarr, founder & medical director of Park Rx America, is a board-certified pediatrician.

Jai Winston

Jai Winston is Knight Foundation program director for St. Paul, Minn.

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Community Ties:

Understanding What Attaches People to the Place Where They Live

Reimagining the Civic Commons:

Akron, OH

Reimagining the Civic Commons:

Detroit, MI

Reimagining the Civic Commons:

Memphis, TN

Reimagining the Civic Commons:

Philadelphia, PA

Our Common Purpose

Our Common Purpose