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Peter Van Valkenburgh

Research Director, Coin Center

@ niftynei

Lightning Protocol Developer, Blockstream

Peter McCormack

Host, What Bitcoin Did

Obi Nwosu

Co-founder, Coinfloor

Black Regal

Creator & Host, Bitcoin Scammers Room and Regal Speak’n

Hector Rosekrans

Head of Biz Dev, Casa

Ricardo Da Ros

Head of International Marketing, Casa

Nadav Kohen

Software Engineer, Suredbits

Kristin Smith

Executive Director, The Blockchain Association

Lamar Wilson

Co-founder, Black Bitcoin Billionaire

@ Odell

Bitcoin, Privacy, and Open Source Advocate

Javier Bastardo

Contributor, Satoshi En Venezuela

Matt Hill

CEO, Start9 Labs

Anthony Ronning

Software Engineer, Impervious

Camila Campton

Social Media Manager, Swan Bitcoin

Janine Römer

Voluntaryist. #Cypherpunk. Journalist.

Charlene Fadirepo

Fintech Founder of Guidefi, Finance & Crypto Media Personality

John Tinkelenberg

Content Marketing Manager, Casa

Andrew Yang

Client Services Manager, Casa

Nick Neuman

CEO, Casa

Ron Stoner

Head of Security, Casa

Nick Foley

Customer Support Specialist, Casa

Jameson Lopp

CTO, Casa

Jerry Brito

Executive Director, Coin Center

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