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KAITEKI Challenge Final Showcase

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Lauren Phipps

Vice President & Senior Analyst, Circular Economy, GreenBiz

Emily Reichert

CEO, Greentown Labs

The event is over

Hosted by

Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is a community of climatetech and cleantech pioneers working to design a more sustainable world.

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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings

KAITEKI – the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet earth.


1/3 of food gets wasted, never eaten. Replace shelf-life with BlakBear smart labels, achieve algorithmic efficiency in food.


Supply chain traceability for a circular economy - powered by blockchain

Impactful Health R&D

Sustainable Active Packaging to Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Foods

Paragon Pure

Making healthy, sustainable, consumer friendly ingredients that meet the high performance needs of the food industry.


Starfield Food & Science Technology offers plant-based proteins.