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IVCO 2021

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Eri Pavlaki

Founder - Women Do Business

Natasa Grigoraki

Co-founder - Women Do Business

Erin Bateman

Director of Volunteer Cooperation for WUSC / Forum Board Member

Melanie Gow

CEO, Australian Volunteers International (AVI)

Stephen Goodman

CEO, Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) / Forum Board Member

Regina Fuchs

Project Manager for Inclusive Volunteering, bezev

Lynette Teo

Volunteer Cooperation Mgr, Singapore International Foundation (SIF)

Josef Estermann

Head of Bases & Research, Unité – Comundo

James O'Brien

Forum Executive Director

Courtney Kelner

Grants and Programme Officer, International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE)

Mark Cumming

Head of Comhlámh / Forum Board Member

Helene Perold

Director, Helene Perold & Associates

Peter Kanyandago

Chair Board of Directors of African Volunteers Association

Matt Baillie Smith

Professor, Social Sciences, University of Northumbria

Philip Goodwin

Chief Executive, VSO

Christine Messier

Program Director, Crossroads International

Christina Munzer

Director, Humanitarian & Development Deployments Section, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Toily Kurbanov

UNV Executive Director

Benjamin Haas

Researcher, IVCO2021 Framing Paper – Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality, Linking Decolonisation & Diversity

Heather E Shapter

Forum Board Chair & Executive Director of Crossroads International

Rebecca Pursell-Gotz

Research Specialist, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Christine Ogola

Programme Assistant, Resilient Youth and Livelihood Dept, VSO

Lénaïk Le Poul

Programme Mgr, Climate & Ecological Transition, France Voluntaires

Rahim Hassanali

Global Leadership Mgr, VSO & Coordinator of Forum Standards Working Group

Fazirah Naser

Senior Executive, YSS

Leigh Mathews


Alok Rath

Global Head, Knowledge, Evidence and Learning, VSO

Kudzo Nyameko GBEMOU

Programme Mgr, Association JSA

Hasnain Syed

President of UNIRE (Italian National Union of Refugees & Exiles)

Jelena Wander

Project Manager for Inclusive Volunteering, bezev

Julia Nakamura

Graduate Student, Health Psychology, University of British Columbia

Lea Sofia Simonsen

Senior Project Manager for International Programmes, ActionAid Denmark

Ibrahim socrateskamara

Program Manager, VIOnet

Katherine Tubb

Volunteer Consultant

Lou Talbot Beirne

Programme Manager, CBM Ireland

Francois Awounkeu

Country Representative, Cuso International

Lechin Lu

Criterion Institute

Chris Millora

Research Associate, University of East Anglia

Klairi Prokopiou

MA Applied Theatre, Theatre Educator & Co-ordinator of Programmes in Child Protection Institutions

Isidora Mytilinaiou

Due Diligence Co-Hero, YouBeHero

Gabriela Telekfalvi

Innovation Projects Specialist - Founder of KINITRO NGO

Lucy Avranas

Volunteering Manager | ActionAid Hellas

Dimitris Trakaniaris

International Volunteering Projects Officer | ActionAid Hellas

Giorgos Charitakis

International Volunteering Projects Officer & ex-EUAID Volunteer | ActionAid Hellas

Anthea Lai

Nutrition & Health Advisor | ActionAid Hellas, EUAID Volunteer

Marta Trejo

Journalist, Photographer & Communicator | ActionAid Hellas EUAID Volunteer

Victor Moinina

esearcher, IVCO2021 Framing Paper – Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality – Linking Decolonisation & Diversity,

Ashraf Patel

Co-founder of Pravah and ComMutiny / The Youth Collective

Andreas Souvaliotis

Former Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Bestselling Author

AGODE Kossi Mensan Edem

Director of Programmes, National Volunteer Agency of Togo

Christine Ogola

Programme Assistant, Resilient Youth and Livelihood Dept, VSO

Mercy Inyanya Kubasu

International Office and Programme Coordinator, ICYE Kenya

Fredrick Sadia

Secretary & National Coordinator, Volunteer Involving Organizations Society, Kenya

Benjamin Lough

Director of Social Innovation, University of Illionois, Urbana-Champaign

Paulino Buenconsejo

Executive Director of Philippines Coalition on Volunteering

Erin MacLeod

Consultant of Forum Standards Working Group

Nicole Dagher

Consultant of Forum Standards Working Group

Aarathi Krishnan

Strategic Foresight Advisor, UNDP

Nazmul Ahsan

Manager - Young People, ActionAid Bangladesh

Jennifer (JJ) DiBella

Chief of Programming & Training, Peace, Africa Region, Peace Corps

Vanessa Dickey

Project Expert, Virtual Service Pilot, Peace Corps

Stephanie Boyd

Communications Advisor (Volunteer), Cuso International

David Styers

Coordinator, Volunteer Groups Alliance

Ujjwal Sundas

Director of Program & Research, Samata Foundation, Nepal

Nadira Pervin

Programme Manager Networking & Communication, Nagorik Uddyog

Helge Espe

Senior Adviser, Norec

Wan Ahmad Hazman Wan Daud

Board Director, YSS / Students Volunteer Foundation

Liz Gordy

Forum's Operations Officer

Darlene Grant

Senior Advisor to the Director, Peace Corps

Sádé Budhlall

Director of Volunteer Development, The Trinidad & Tobago Red Cross Society

Jelena Wander

Project Manager for Inclusive Volunteering, bezev

Zulqurnain Asghar

Chief Executive, Potohar Mental Health Association

Tatiana Palouki

Volunteer, Cuso International

Patience Malunga

Training Adviser, Norec

Alice Tamang

Indigenous Programs Coordinator, AVI

Margret Damba

Volunteer as Gender & Women Empowering Advisor, Speak it Loud

Rebecca Tiessen

Professor, School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa

Julia Nakamura

Graduate Student, Health Psychology, University of British Columbia

Mayuko Onuki

Assistant Professor, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at Waseda University

Nichole Cirillo

Executive Director, IAVE

Manisha Dhakal

Executive Director, BDS, Partner of CECI-VCP

seema khan

Chair Person, Nepal Muslim Women’s Welfare Society, Partner of CECI-VCP

Ricar Pascoela

Coordinator of Working Women’s Centre Timor-Leste

simone galimberti

Co-Founder, ENGAGE

Tracy Kandeya

M&E Advisor, VSO

Cristina Cruz-Hubbard

Chief Diversity Office, Peace Corps

Minna Räisänen

Communications Officer, ICYE Finland

Silvia de Benito

Senior Officer in Volunteering, Alianza - ActionAid

Elias Galinos

Chair of Board | ActionAid Hellas

Manolis Griparis

International Volunteering Projects Coordinator | ActionAid Hellas

Andres Morales

Volunteering & Youth Development Regional Coordinator – Americas Region, International Federation of the Red Cross)

Aminata Kelly-Lamin

Advocacy and Policy Manager, ActionAid Sierra Leone

Thierry Debris

Programme Manager for International Volunteering Development, France Volontaires

Boudewijn Wijnands

Founder & CEO, Deedmob

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Hosted by

Actionaid Hellas

ActionAid is a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice.


IVCO 2021 | Fair Main Booth

Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality

ActionAid Hellas

For A More Just World

International Volunteering | ActionAid Hellas

For A More Just World

ActionAid Denmark

ActionAid Denmark: Volunteering through People4Change & the EU AID Volunteer Initiative


A global movement of volunteers working effectively for a world where no one is left behind





Women Do Business

Empower Women's Entrepreneurship

Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa | Student Volunteers Foundation

Winning Peoples Hearts, Mind and Soul Beyond Borders

Cuso International

Skills to share. Futures to build.


Sharing Ideas and Knowledge!

Pediatric Trauma Care

Children’s Accidents: Improving Medical Care in Public Hospitals

Angels of Joy

Giving Joy Where There Is Need


Association of Parents, Guardians & Friends of Visually Impaired People with Additional Disabilities


InCommOn- Innovative Communities Onwards


Heraklion Association for Alzheimer's & Healthy Ageing


Ό,τι ψάχνεις για τον εθελοντισμό, εδώ!

Νοσηλεία - Nosilia

Δωρεάν Νοσηλεία & Φροντίδα στο σπίτι

International Bureau for Children's Rights (IBCR)

Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights Worldwide


Scalable Volunteer & Workforce Engagement Technology

Singapore International Foundation

Making Friends for a Better World

OEKEN - YouR.Edu

Youth Organisation of Research and Education

International Cultural Youth Exchange

Tackling inequalities in IVS – South to South Fund

Irida Women's Center

A Safe Space for 450 Women from 35 Countries


Action For Global Justice

Translators without Borders

We help people get vital information, and be heard, whatever language they speak.


«Να αγαπάς την ευθύνη να λες μπορώ εγώ μόνος μου μπορώ να αλλάξω τον κόσμο. Αν χαθεί εγώ θα φταίω.»- Καζαντζάκης

Habitat for humanity International

A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

JICA Philippines

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers


“Inclusive” donations for all!

International Association for Volunteer Effort

Enabling the leaders, organizations and environments that empower volunteers


We offer to youth, underserved communities, women, educators and SMEs the opportunity to develop their digital and business skills.





Turning burn victims into burn survivors and burn thrivers

Médecins du Monde - Greece

Wherever People Are



Library in Action | Βιβλιοθήκη σε Δράση


VSO International

A fair world for everyone

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

Veterinarians without Borders/Vétérinaires sans frontières (VWB/VSF)

Greek Bank of Memories

We are our history


Lesvos Solidarity

#SaveDignity - Supporting refugees and locals in Lesvos

Αction Art / Εικαστική Δράση

Τέχνες,αφήγηση,παραμύθι για μια καλύτερη ποιότητα ζωής/Arts,storytelling,tales to improve the quality of life


Youth Empowerment in Digital Media



Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada

Building Sustainable and self-reliant cooperative communities

Volunteers Involving Organization Network


Emfasis Foundation

Steet Work - Support Units - Relief Programmes