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Italy Summer Summit 2021

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Massimo Paris

Corporate Quality Assurance and Sustainability, Buzzi Unicem

Christian Nolting

Global CIO & Head of Investment Solutions Deutsche Bank

Massimo Temporelli

President And Co-Founder, The Fablab

Gaspard Duthilleul

Project Manager, Greyparrot

Daniele Calvo Pollino

Co-Founder & CEO at Mapo Tapo

Flavia Levi

Ventures Analyst, Plug and Play Italy

Arianna Elena Maschietto

Corporate Partnerships & Program Manager, Plug and Play Italy

Audrey Gyr

Startup Innovation Specialist, The Good Food Institute

Daniel Jones

Founder And CEO, Bext360

Laura Bacchiega

Senior Buyer, Esselunga

Giancarlos La Rocca

Global Category Manager, Tetra Pak

Nicolò Santin

CEO & Co-Founder, Gamindo

Martina Fil

Digital Content Marketing, Lavazza

Elisabetta Barbieri

Digital Content Marketing Manager, Lavazza

Mario Supino

Digital CRM Manager, Lavazza

Nur Eral

Digital Marketing - Crm, Lavazza

Fabio Fiorelli

Buyer, Esselunga

Paolo Scarabelli

Automation & Digital-Innovation & Partnership Manager, Tetra Pak

Frederico Lopes de Mendonça

Grocery Managing Director, Esselunga

Veronica Rossi

Sustainability Manager, Lavazza

Davide Braghiroli

Product Manager Packaging Material, Tetra Pak

Vincenzo Giardino

Venture Capitalist & Financial Advisor

Alessandro Leonardi

Head Of Open Innovation - Customer & Innovation Hub, Poste Italiane

Guglielmo Carra

Innovation Manager, A2A

Mark Workman

Co-Founder, Carbon Removal Centre

Christoph Sollich

Pitch Coach, Startup Comedian, Keynote Speaker, The Pitch Doctor

Patrick Oungre

Group Head Of Innovation And Corporate Venture Capital

More Speakers To Be Announced Soon

Andrea Zorzetto

Managing Partner, Italy at Plug and Play

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Zaak Technologies

ZaaK Technologies upcycles industrial wastes into high value products.


Our augmented reality platform allows you to see and search your data in the real world, placed where you need it, when you need it most.


AUCTA helps industrial companies harness the power of their data to create and deploy 3D instructions anywhere and on any device.


The platform for autonomous specialty vehicles.


Hiboo develops a low-cost geolocalisation offer aimed at both the public and industry


Delivering real-time, in-field holographic visualizations of underground pipes, valves, cables and other utility objects.


Innovating the removal of pollutants from industrial emissions.


Carbix transforms atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbonates to build industrial products.

Carbon Upcycling

Carbon Upcycling converts CO2 emissions into valuable nanomaterial powders that improve the performance of concrete, plastic, battery, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals.

Carbon8 Systems

Carbon8 Systems provides technical solutions for the treatment of industrial waste using carbon dioxide to produce valueble, low- carbon products.

Energy Dome

Using CO2 to solve climate change through ground-breaking long duration energy storage.


Immaterial commercialises a technology to develop monolithic metallic organic frameworks (MOFs), a class of super-adsorbent nanomaterials with multiple applications in industry.


Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals and fuels.

Water Horizon

PCM-based transportable thermal battery to recover waste heat from industrial activities and distribute it at another time and in another place to a consumer as renewable heat or cold.

Mapo Tapo

Helping extreme sport travelers to explore remote places, fueling sustainable growth in underdeveloped areas

Blue Planet Systems Corporation

On a mission to mineralize billions of tonnes of CO2 per year in the built environment


Paper coating to replace plastic films in packaging.


Indoor positioning in any building without having to install any hardware — no beacons, no WiFi.

Neurons Inc

Applied neuroscience and AI-based tech to help asses and understand consumer responses.


Kiinns has developed a spray-coating bio-polymer that keeps food processing equipment clean.


Aryballe combines biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and ML to collect and analyze odor data.


Provenance builds trust in great brands and products.


Leveraging spacetech and blockchain to build back trust in the food supply chain.


Swirltex significantly improves wastewater treatment and facilitate water re-use for industrial applications.


Upcycling food side-streams on-site into valuable ingredients.


Helping companies along the packaging value chain assess recyclability with software and data.