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IPS EMEA User Meeting 2021

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Dr. Zeljko Schreiner

IPS-Germany | CEO of IPS-Company Group

Jože Bizjak

IPS-Slovenia | Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Ivan Petkoski

IPS-Serbia | Chief Information Officer

Zoltan Solga

IPS-Croatia | Chief Technical Officer

Primož Kralj

IPS-Slovenia | Senior Application Engineer

Sandi Simčič

IPS-Slovenia | Senior Application Specialist

Greg Jones

IPS-Australia | Sales and Support Manager

Danijel Krnjajic

IPS-Serbia | Technical Project Manager

Randy Norman

IPS-USA | Sales and Support Manager

Muhammad Al Jundi b. Abdullah

Tenega Nasional Berhard | Senior Engineer, Asset Strategy & Policies, Asset Management Department

Ng Wai Kean

Tenega Nasional Berhard | Senior Engineer, PMO, Organizational Development, TNB DN

Nemanja Novičić

IPS-Serbia | Solution Architect

Nikola Popović

IPS-Serbia | Application Engineer

Giorgi Bigvava

GSE | WAM Project Manager

Attila Barta

IPS-Croatia | Senior Software Developer

Siniša Bogdanović

IPS-Serbia | Senior Software Engineer

Jerry Day

IPS-USA | Senior Application Consultant

Matej Galič

IPS-Slovenia | Senior Application Engineer

Miljan Janić

IPS-Serbia | Senior Software Engineer

Dušan Marković

IPS-Serbia | Software Development Team Lead

Ivan Stamenić

IPS-USA | Software Architect

Igor Moraca

IPS-Serbia | Solution Architect

Johan Claesson

SVK | Program Manager Data Exchange Program, Project Manager Networkmodel Database

Mats Lerwall

SVK | Business Intelligence and Data Modelling

Jun Nian Lim

Tenega Nasional Berhad | Assistance Project Manager CTIS V2.0, Manager EAMS, Grid Strategy&Division

Ir Mohd Junaizee B Mohd Noor

Tenega Nasional Berhad | Project Director CTIS V2.0, Head Grid Asset Management, Strategy & Division

Brad Thomas

Essential Energy | Initiative Lead – EAM

Michael Mirbaha

SVK | NMDB Project

Jasjeet Singh

Enzen Australia | Principal Consultant

Colin McCahey

ESB | – Substation Maintenance Senior Specialist

Dragana Pavlovic


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Intelligent Process Solutions

IPS (Intelligent Process Solutions) is a privately held global software company with head office in Germany. Our products are highly specialized for the energy industry and, since our establishment in 2004, we have built a substantial network of Customers and Partners around the world. IPS is at the forefront in software in advanced and reliable functionality and technology, with speed to value through rapid deployment and integration. IPS®SYSTEMS includes a product data model for electrical power systems, which forms a library of assets maintained and updated for all Customers worldwide, making implementations easier and faster. We strive to provide our Customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.

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