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InternCon 2020

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· Networking
Welcome to InternCon
Start InternCon by chatting with other participants and finding your conference buddies
· Stage
Keynote - Being a Product CEO
Kickoff InternCon by being part of an intimate conversation with Reggie James from Eternal
Leif Abraham Ime Essien Reggie James
· Sessions
Nate: AI x Commerce
Edoardo, the Head of Growth at will talk about working at the intersection of AI and Commerce
Edo Paluan
· Stage
Designing for Designers
Ever wanted to know how your favorite design tools are built?
Jenny Wen Stormy Jackson Kelly Hurlburt
· Sessions
How to be a successful PM
Hear from our speakers from Uber and Tesla on how to actually be a good PM
LIANI LYE Adrienne Tran Kristina Hu Varalaxmi Raveendar Neil Sharma
· Stage
State of Student Entrepreneurship
Ali shares his experience, starting and selling a company to Microsoft, as well as investing in the next generation of founders.
Kai Cash Molly Fowler Ali Partovi
· Sessions
Being a Deep Tech CEO
John will talk about his experience being CEO of UnifyID and how he made the transition from research to startups
John Whaley
· Stage
Breaking into VC
What does it take to do venture capital as your first job out of college? Hear from Jessica, Julie and Maya as they do a deep dive
Maya Matthews Trea'jure Dahl Julie Chen Jessica Li
· Sessions
Career Paths
Kevin and Luba share their experiences and advice about the different paths you can take in tech
Luba Yudasina Kevin Zhang
· Sessions
PM Interview Workshop
The best 1 hour you can spend learning how to crack that elusive PM interview with Stephen
Stephen Cognetta
· Sessions
Building your portfolio
Learn from Ethelia how to set up your design portfolio for success
Ethelia Lung
· Sessions
Making Data Scientists more productive
We all have heard the buzzword but what does it take to really scale Machine Learning to a Netflix scale
Julie Pitt
· Networking
Networking + Break
Take a breath and get a chance to meet your fellow attendees
· Stage
The APM life
APMs are all the rage now. Peek beyond the hype and listen to those who have done and started these programs.
Soundarya Balasubramani Thamyres Souza Rak Garg Arunima Sharma Deevy Bhimani
· Sessions
Pitch Competition
See what its like to pitch to the top VCs and use the feedback to hone your own decks.
Molly Fowler Ian Taylor Will Robbins
· Sessions
Figma from the Expert
Up your Figma game by following along with Adam. Recommended for noobs and l33ts alike
Alex Dee
· Sessions
Live Coding Workshop: Chatbot tutorial with Tensorflow
Can you build a chatbot in an hour? The answer is hell yes!
Twilio-Lizzie Siegle
· Sessions
YouTube + Tech
The serious stuff is over, kick back and hear from our YouTube celebrities on how they got started and what it takes to start a successful channel
Cary Huang Luba Yudasina
· Stage
Young and CEO!
Should you start a company in college? We bring some amazing student founders to talk about how they did it
Sudarshan Sridharan Will Yin Holly Leslie Akash Magoon Sara Du
· Stage
The InternCon after party


Cary Huang

Youtube star

Twilio-Lizzie Siegle

Developer Advocate @ Twilio

Sethmi Dharmasiri


Alex Dee

Designer @ Arcadium

Thamyres Souza

PM @ QuintoAdar

Soundarya Balasubramani

APM @ Salesforce

Akash Magoon

Founder @ Nayya

Holly Leslie

Founder @ Adla

Will Yin

Founder @ Jupiter

Sudarshan Sridharan


Maya Matthews

Investment Associate @ Intel Capital

Adrienne Tran

PM @ Tesla


Product: Ad Hoc LLC, Open Austin

Luba Yudasina

ex PM & Chief of Staff @ Airbnb, YouTuber @ lifeofluba

Leif Abraham

Co-CEO @ Public

Kai Cash


Molly Fowler

CEO @ Dorm Room Fund

Kevin Zhang

Partner @ Bain Capital Ventures

Edo Paluan

Head of Growth @

Jenny Wen

Product Designer @ Figma

Ime Essien


Sara Du

CEO @ Alloy

Ali Partovi

Founder @ Neo

Julie Pitt

Director of Data Science @ Netflix

Varalaxmi Raveendar

PM @ Uber

Kristina Hu

PM @ Uber

Rak Garg

PM @ Atlassian

Arunima Sharma

APM @ Salesforce

John Whaley

CEO of UnifyID

Stormy Jackson

Design intern @ Lyft

Stephen Cognetta

Founder @ Exponenet, ex Google PM

Neil Sharma

Moderator, EPM intern @ Apple

Kelly Hurlburt

Senior Experience Designer @ Adobe

Deevy Bhimani


Trea'jure Dahl


Ian Taylor

Partner @ PearVC

Ethelia Lung

Interaction Designer @ YouTube

Reggie James

Founder @ Eternal

Will Robbins

Partner @ Contrary Capital

Julie Chen

Investor @ Bessemer Venture Partners

Jessica Li

Investor @ Soma Capital, Content @ Elpha

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InternCon is the conference for interns by Interns, bringing Silicon Valley to you

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