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Rocco Seyboth

VP of Community @ LinearB

Conor Bronsdon

Head of Content & Demand Gen @LinearB

Iris Gilboa

Sr. Technical Program Manager & Release Manager @ BigID

Ori Keren

CEO & CoFounder of LinearB

Masha Zvereva

Founder, Stereotype Breakers

Tiff In Tech

Sr. Software Developer, Technical Consultant IBM

Truong-An Thai

VP Engineering at FloSports

Shankar Ramaswamy, PHD

Head of Engineering at DataStax

Patrick Jean

CTO at OutSystems

Milena Talavera

VP of Engineering, Infrastructure at Slack

Luca Rossi

Founder at

Katie Wilde

VP of Engineering at Ambassador Labs

Kathryn Koehler

Director of Engineering, Develop Domain at Netflix

Jennie MacDougall

Director of Engineering at Reprise

Daniel Marashlian

CTO & Co-Founder at Drata Inc.

Dana Lawson

SVP of Engineering at Netlify

Ben Matthews

Director of Engineering at Stack Overflow

Alwar Pillai

CEO at Fable

Dan Lines

COO & CoFounder of LinearB

Sarvenaz Myslicki

VP of Engineering

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