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Inspire, Innovate, Impact: Shaping our Futures Together

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Amrei Andrasch

Experiential Time Traveler

Carl Manuel Funk

Founder KNOWEAUX Applied Futures

Ana Alvarez

Founder, Migration Hub

Javier Guillot

Team Lead, Department of Culture, Bogota

Afua Wilcox

PhD Researcher, Delft Global Fellow


Senior Researcher, Institute for Advanced Studies

Kerstin von Aretin

Program Manager, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Tiffany Tong

Co-Founder, Aeloi Technologies

Elias Kuepper

Founder, Kerith

David Idunnuoluwa

E-Mobility Specialist, MAX Mobility & Agro

Rachel Gutierrez

Project Manager, The Futures Project

Abi Nokes

CEO, inHive

Wolfgang Kerler

Editor In Chief, 1E9

Carla Hustedt

Project Lead, Ethics of Algorithms

Joke Quintens

Designer, Wetopia

Kuldeep Dantewadia

Co-Founder, Reap Benefit Foundation

Troy Carter

Co-Founder, RIZOME

Arianna Briganti

Deputy Chairperson, The Pink Shuttle

Oliver Higson

Managing Director, Anywhere.Africa

Nadim Choucair

Founder, 2030 Cabinet

Julia Stamm

Founder, The Futures Project

Ramona Liberoff

Global Impact Investor

Sébastien Mena

Professor, Hertie School

Aditya Singh

Director, Athena School of Management

Francisco Santolo

Founder and CEO, Scalabl

Aqdar Maskur

Founder, Ritma Green

Andrew Moss

Business, innovation, and performance coach

Alexandra Spieldoch

CEO, Bountifield International

Bhavna Gupta

Program Manager, The Futures Project

Andrea Bonilla

Co-Founder, BioPlaster Research

Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga

Co-Founder, Sehat Kahani

Jenny Shirar

Project Assistant, The Futures Project

Andreas Kölling

Deputy Managing Director, Build Up Nepal Enigeering

Wainright Acquoi

Co-Founder, TRIBE

Natalie Samarasinghe

Chief of Strategy, United Nations

herbert mangesius

Founding Partner, Vsquared Ventures

Helmuth Trischler

Head of Research, Deutsches Museums

chris luebkeman

Strategic Advisor to the President and Advisory Board, ETH Zürich

Leehe Skuler

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Global Impact Tech Alliance

Natalia Mejia

Project Assistant, The Futures Project

Katrin Schuhen

Founder, Wasser 3.0 PEX

Razaque Quive

Project Manager, Coral Reef Club Project, Ocean Guardians

Heba Aguib

Chief Executive for RESPOND, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Roby Stancel

Partner, Innovation and Technology, Virtual Consulting International

Suné Stassen

Custodian and Founding Director of Open Design Afrika

Michael Hands

Founder and Director, The Inga Foundation

Galit Ariel


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The Futures Project (TFP)

The Futures Project (TFP) is an international non-profit aiming to change our perspectives on innovation, technology and the future.

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Ritma Green

Aqdar Maskur, founder and executive director Ritma Green ( – a social enterprise working on sustainable coffee practices and small scale renewable energy deployment. He has strong background and interest on food security, climate change, social entrepreneurship and SME development. Working at grass root level, he used to work as field facilitator for agriculture-based company, consultant for his agriculture-based Business Development Service (BDS) provider, and NGO worker on environmental issues.

Bountifield International: Postharvest Technology

Bountifield International: Postharvest Technology is contributing to food and sustainable growth in Africa by unlocking smallholder farmers’ access to post-harvest technology.

BioPlaster Research

BioPlaster Research has developed a biodegradable biopolymer which aims to tackle the issue of plastic pollution and ecosystem deterioration exacerbated by sargassum massive blooms in coastal environments.

The Inga Foundation: Land for Life

The Inga Foundation implements alley-cropping, an alternative to the slash-and-burn agriculture. It provides food security for farmers while also protecting the environment.

Ocean Guardians - Coral Reef Club Project

Ocean Guardians is raising a generation of youth who understand and cherish the ocean by providing marine conservation and gender equality education.

Sehat Kahani

Through their mobile application and helpline, Sehat Kahani delivers accessible remote health services while empowering female healthcare professionals.


Wetopia is co-creating more resilient cities from the bottom-up, bringing policy-makers, civil society, and citizens together to collaboratively make better, more inclusive cities.

Reap Benefit Foundation

The Reap Benefit Foundation is a citizen participation and leadership platform that mentors youth towards tackling local issues, combining technology, people and government.

Build up Nepal Engineering

Build up Nepal Engineering is a social business that empowers rural entrepreneurs and communities to build safe, affordable, eco-friendly homes and resilient incomes.


RIZOME is pioneering climate-positive bamboo engineered lumber, which is one of the most scalable technologies for carbon drawdown on earth.

The Pink Shuttle

As the first women-only transportation service in Afghanistan, the Pink Shuttle fosters women's independence, economic and social autonomy.


Anywhere.Africa takes the existing infrastructure of Africa, such as paths, tracks and broken roads, and makes off-road electric cargo bikes to deliver goods and services.

Wasser 3.0

Wasser 3.0 GmbH is counteracting global water pollution by micro pollutants with solution-oriented research and innovation.


Kerith is building a cloud-based tool that uses algorithms to optimize the location and construction of components of energy systems.


inHive enables teachers and young leaders to develop the skills and tools needed to establish effective networks and connect and be inspired by past alumni.


TRIBE is an education social enterprise inspiring and empowering a new generation of purpose-driven young entrepreneurs and innovators.

Aeloi Technologies

Aeloi Technologies has built an inclusive platform using digital tokens to provide affordable financing to informal sector microentrepreneurs.

MAX Mobility & Agro

MAX provides technology and financing infrastructure for motorcycle-taxis in West Africa.