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Inside a Techstars Accelerator

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Mark Catalano

CEO & Co-Founder, TakeShape

Maja Brlek

PM of Techstars London

Jonathan Schalliol

Director of New Venture Group, The Heritage Group

Mitu Khandaker

CEO & Co-Founder, Glow Up Games

Matt Miller

MD of Techstars UHC Accelerator

Neal Sáles-Griffin

MD of Techstars Chicago

Matt Kozlov

MD of Techstars LA

Hannah Davis

PD of Techstars Sustainability

Josef Scarantino

PM of Techstars + Western Union

Jen Riedel

PM of Techstars Boston

TJ Salyars

PM of Techstars Iowa

Jess Stalbaum

PM of Techstars Farm to Fork

Jessica Kaing

Global Startup Pipeline Lead at Techstars

Mariah Schmidt

PM of Techstars + Comcast

Elle Bruno

MD of Techstars + Western Union

KJ Singh

MD of Techstars + Comcast

Brooke Gillis

PM of Techstars Alabama EnergyTech

Brett Brohl

MD of Techstars Farm to Fork

Nanci Churchill

PM of Techstars + Heritage Group

Brad Schnitzer

PM of Techstars Chicago

Saba @ Techstars

Global Startup Pipeline Manager at Techstars

David Payne

MD of Techstars Atlanta

Katy Yam

General Manager, FounderFuel (Real Ventures)

Marina Pavlovic Rivas - Eli Health

Co-founder & CEO, Eli Health

James Stewart

CEO & Founder, TrojAI

Niraj Swami

Conservation Technology Strategy & Enablement, The Nature Conservancy

Eamonn Carey

MD of Techstars London

Kerty Levy

MD of Techstars Iowa

Bruno Morency

MD of Techstars Montreal AI

Brad Johnson

IM of Roux Institute Accelerator

Nancy Wolff

General Manager, Americas Central

Christopher Wolfel

Director of Entrepreneurship, The Roux Institute

Justine Marchand (TS Montréal AI)

PM of Techstars Montreal

Hannah Turner

PM of Techstars Atlanta

Scott Kraege

MD of Techstars + The Heritage Group Accelerator

Maëlle Gavet

CEO of Techstars

Alan Bates

Project Manager, Alabama Power Company

Nate Schmidt

MD of Techstars Alabama

Liz Giorgi

CEO & Founder, Soona

Clement Cazalot

MD of Techstars Boston

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