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Michael Bernard Ph.D.

Founder, You Can Do It! Education

Dr Tonya Riney

COO and Chief Intellivangelist for IntelliBoard, Inc.

Craig Smith

Manager – Technology and Innovation

Dr Kevin Bell (Ed.D)

Head of Higher Education and Research for ANZ at AWS

Dave E. Marcial

Director at Silliman University

Stephen Ladek

Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS

Germán Leonardo Rojas Muñoz

Director of Professional Services at Open LMS

Phill Miller

Managing Director at Open LMS

Mark Bailye

Senior Director of Customer Success at Open LMS

Dean Saunders

VP of Product Development at Open LMS

Liam Liddicoat

Senior Director of Sales at Open LMS

Tanya Grambower

Managing Director at Literacy for Boys & Literacy for Kids

Dr Kuva Jacobs

Founding Director & Head of Learning at Redpoint Consulting

Shannon Kennedy-Clark

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching at Sydney International School of Technology & Commerce

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