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Rock Trust

You can change the lives of young people in Scotland for the better

Tiny Changes

With our own personal experience of mental health as our starting point, we set out to build up our understanding of the underlying issues, talking and listening to people β€˜in the know’, and soaking up their knowledge and expertise.

Voices for Scotland

Voices for Scotland will give people from all walks of life the opportunity to tell their stories and have their voices heard about the country they want to live in.


Our aim is to support Scottish independence. We do that by organising public marches and rallies.

The Scottish Currency Group

People working towards the introduction of a Scottish Currency 'as soon as practicable' after Independence Day.

Phantom Power

Phantom Power

Believe In Scotland is a new website and initiative that aims to answer the questions people have about Scottish independence.

Independence Live

Supporting the multimedia campaign for Scottish Independence