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Matt Lemay

Author, Product Management in Practice

Kax Uson

Head of Product, Adevinta

Monica Ugwi

VP, Head of Product, Rudderstack

Marc Abraham

Digital Product Lead, Informa Tech

Stephanie Musat

Senior Staff Product Manager, Warner Bros Discovery

Prerna Singh

Vice President, Product Management, Meetup

Paul McAvinchey

Co-Founder, Product Collective

Mike Belsito

Co-Founder, Product Collective

Christine Itwaru

Principal Strategist at Pendo

Michael Sacca

CEO at Gigantic

Chloe Oddleifson

COO at Gigantic

Shailesh Nalawadi

Head of Product at Sendbird

Erik Severinghaus

Co-CEO at Bloomfilter

Andrew Wolfe

Co-CEO at Bloomfilter

Bill Holman

VP of Product at Bloomfilter

Paul Heller

Chief Evangelist, Sopheon

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