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Netcore Inbox Expo Spring Edition 2021

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Inbox Expo Sponsors & Supporters


Tunc Bolluk

VP, APAC, Validity

Rafael Viana

Senior Email Strategist, Validity

Juha Ollikainen

First tenor, Fake Fives

Aatos Kiiveri

Bass, Fake Fives

Andreas Pohan Simandjuntak

Database Marketer

Skip Fidura

Event Host & Fractional CMO

Nhan Tran

Senior Customer Success Manager, Validity

Jelle Teeuwisse

Client Service Manager

Rahul Powar

Founder & CEO, Red Sift

Chris Bailey

VP of Strategy and Business Development, Entrust

Wilbert Heinen

Digital Marketeer / Email Developer, Centraal Beheer

Florian Vierke

Senior Manager, Deliverability Services, Mapp Digital

Arne Allisat

Head of Mail Application Security, 1&1 Mail & Media Applications

Elliott Ross

CEO and Co-founder, Taxi for Email

Henry Lach


Patrick Knight

Sr. Deliverability Consultant, Adobe

Lili Crowley

Postmaster, Verizon Media Group - Yahoo and AOL

Rickey White

CEO & Founder, Start Inboxing

John Peters

Deliverability Specialist, Campaign Monitor

Ricardas Montvila

Global Strategy Director, Mapp Digital

Chaitanya Chinta

Global Head - Email Business, Netcore Solutions

Balasubbhramaniyam Ayyaswaami

Head of Online Business, Netcore Solutions

Loïc Péron

Director Customer Success SEMEA & BENELUX, Validity

Adeola Sole

Senior Consultant, Holistic Email

Rick Buck

Chairman, Chief Privacy Officer, Wirewheel

Chris Donald

Managing Partner, Inbox Army

Mariana Santiago

Email Marketer, marianawrites LLC

Priyanka Roy

Director, Customer Success N.Europe, Validity

Michael Straathof

Co-founder & Commercial Director, 100%EMAIL

Taina Jaatinen

Soprano, Fake Fives

Jaana Lindström

Alto, Fake Fives

Michelle Brinkhuis

E-mail Marketing & Marketing automation Consultant, ISM eCompany

Raghavendra Hunasgi

CMO, Evolutyz Corp

Carel Bitter

Head of Data, Spamhaus

Richard van Looijen

Managing Director, Flowmailer

Neharika Sharma

Senior Manager - CSM, Netcore Solutions

Dionne Chan

Head of Legal and Compliance, Harlem Next

Michelle Sullivan

Staff Engineer, Spam Expert, and SORBS Maintainer and Architect

Alice Cornell


Amy Mangueira

Founder, Email Growth Society

Faruk Aydin

Head of Growth, iAge Technologies

Martina Lipp

CRM and Growth Marketing Leader, Freelance

Todd Leiser

Global Head CRM, Analytics and Marketing Tech, Spartan Race

Elizabeth Schweyen

Senior Manager, Global Privacy and Compliance, Druva

David Fowler


Ryan Phelan

Chief Marketing Officer, Origin Email Agency

Kitty Bates

Content Writer, MRS Digital

Lisa Jones

Founder, EyeMail Inc

Mark Ash

CEO, Pure360

Sandra Schubert

Email Strategist, Validity

Reed Freeman

Outside Counsel and Executive Director, Partner, Venable LLP

Jennifer Nespola Lantz

Member, Board of Directors, Director of Deliverability, Zeta Global

Jim Campbel

Region Manager - ANZ at IAPP - International Association of Privacy Professionals, IAPP

Ian Deshays

Director Client Services, Alchemy Worx

Kisha Robinson

Senior Email Marketing Associate, Udemy

Ryan D Souza

CRM and Email, Tandem Corp (formerly Grill'd)

Jordan Cohen

CEO & Founder, The Fox Hill Group

Scott Cohen

Senior Email Marketing Manager, Purple

Jimmy Kim

CEO & Founder, Sendlane

Gavin Laugenie

Head Of Strategy & Insight, dotdigital

Sridhar Chandran

Postmaster, 250OK, Validity

Matthew Hill

Senior Postmaster, OpenText

Quint Wapenaar

Campaign Developer, 100%EMAIL

Toshiaki (Toshi) Onishi

Senior Deliverability Analyst, dotdigital

Arnaud Jolif

Chief Marketing Officer, DeinDeal AG

Charlie Wijen

Digital and CRM Specialist, Philips

Karlien McLeod

Head of Growth Marketing, Cashrewards

Casey Hill

Head of Growth, Bonjoro

Matthew Barnett

Papa Bear, Bonjoro

Bryan Dobson

co-Founder, Bower House Digital

Dr. Ada Barlatt, Ph.D.

Founder, Operations Ally

Udeme Ukutt

Postmaster at LinkedIn & Email Thought Leader

Naina Raisinghani

Google AMP Product Manager

Shmuel Herschberg

CMO, Shyn Media

Lauren Meyer

EVP of Product Marketing & Brand Strategy, SocketLabs

Tali Hasanov

Principal, Certified Digital Marketing Consultant, WSI Digital Path

Kate Barrett

eFocus Marketing

Jakub Olexa


Elena Blagova


Jenna Tiffany

Let'sTalk Strategy

Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Email and Deliverability Specialist & Consultant, Harlem Next

Kath Pay

Holistic Email Marketing

Matthew Vernhout

VP, Deliverability North America, Netcore Solutions

Atro Tossavainen

Founder, Partner, Anti-Spammer, Koli-Lõks OÜ

Paul Airy

Founder, Beyond the Envelope

Christopher Marriott

President & Founder, Email Connect LLC

Dennis Dayman

Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Maropost

Andrew Kordek

Vice President of Customer Engagement, iPost

Chester Bullock

Director, Marketing Technology, RentPath

Teresa Smith

Social Media Manager/ Customer Success Engineer, SMTP2GO

Najmah Salam

Email Marketing Manager, Filtered

Rob McEwen

Founder & CEO, invaluement

Jesse Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer, LearnEmail

Jay Oram

Email Coder, Action Rocket

Tom Blijleven

Marketer, Flowmailer

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Co-founder, SURBL

Louise Feaheny

Customer Success Engineer, SMTP2GO

ArunKumar Jagadeesan

Associate Product Manager, Zoho

Tejas Pitkar

Product Marketing, Netcore Solutions

Samar Owais

Email Strategist & Copywriter, SamarOwais

Simon Forster

CEO, Spamhaus

Jon May

Email Marketing Manager, RAC

Ryan Phelan

Chief Marketing Officer, Origin Email Agency

Scott Hardigree

Founder, Email Industries

George Schlossnagle

Founder and Chief Evangelist, SparkPost

Clea Moore

Director, Deliverability Strategy, Oracle

Tobias Knecht

CEO, Abusix, Inc

Steve Freegard

Senior Product Owner, Abusix, Inc

Marcel Becker

Senior Director Product Management, Verizon Media umbrella (Yahoo, AOL, Verizon)

Antony Humphreys

Product Owner - Email, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Keith Reinhardt

Marketing Manager, FreshAddress

Nadja von Massow

Founder / Executive Director, NadWorks

Andrew Beeston

Strategic Consultant CX Marketing, Oracle

Kevin A. "KAM" McGrail

Member & Chair Emeritus Apache SpamAssassin

Emily Benson

Email Marketing Strategist, Dixon Schwabl Advertising

Jennifer Cannon

Inbox Expo Sponsor Director,

Simon ODay

Chairman/ Co-Founder, The Lumery

Tanishq Juneja

Global Product Marketing Head, Netcore Solutions

Radek Kaczynski

CEO, Bouncer

Franck Martin


Marc Sirkin

SVP Marketing & Technology, Third Door Media

Dela Quist

Founder and CEO, Alchemy Worx

Ivan Ilin

Co-founder, EmailSoldiers

Emma Egerton

Customer Strategy Lead, The Lumery

Guy Hanson

VP of Customer Success (International), Validity

Komal VP Marketing @Pure360

VP of Marketing, Pure360 & Chair DMA Email Marketing Council

Nerida Cook

Marketing Cloud Practice Lead - Australia, Bluewolf, an IBM Company

Luke Glasner

Founder, Glasner Consulting

Jeanne Jennings

General Manager, Only Influencers

April Mullen

Director of Brand and Content Marketing, SparkPost

Matthew Stith

Industry Liaison, Spamhaus

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