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DJ Reed

Toastmasters Information

Kathleen Anderson

Yavapai College

Estrella Cruz

AAA Landscaping

Ruth Fosnot

Windom Security

Jeffrey Shewan


Donna Ruthruff

Pima One Stop

Travis Hardin

Four Principles to Develop the Crucial Skill of Connecting in a Covid-19

Toni Leiboff

Build Self Esteem!

Terry Sprouse

The Power Stories and How it Will Help You Nail it at a Job Interview

Su Fong

Goals to Help to Strive to Best You Can Be

Serban Morea

From Job to Career to Passion.

Sara Mayer

Maximizing Every Minute of Every Day, When Finding a Job

Ryan Berns

Plan for Success and Find the Job You Want

Rachel Heintz

Making Moves

Paul Lewis

Getting an Interview Using Simple Task

Paul Brunoforte

The Three Fundamentals of Wealth Creation

Michael Holian

Rejoin the Workforce with Powerful Skills

Mark Salcido

Maximixing Performance by Determining Your Life Purpose

Liz Ravenwood

It's "The 'I' in the storm

Lauren Riley

Leveraging Social Media to Build a Career the Right Way.

Kimberly Jansen

Congratulations! You got the job! Now what?

Katrina Oase

Companies are ready to hire. Are you a good employee?

Kathleen Pickrel

Congratulations! You got the job! Now what?

Juan 'Sarge' Rodriguez

Staying Motivated

Jennifer Herrera

The Power of Knowing Your Career Goals

Christo Visser

How to Apply Concept Business Management Tools

Antonio Valles

Elevator Speech and Get the Job

Al Melvin

Positive Thinking and People Skills

We are a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

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