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Proud Partners


Teresa O'Neill

Principal Language and Data Architect, OpenCity

Sumit Agarwal

Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Sudeep George

Vice President, Engineering, iMerit

Sina Bari, MD

Director of Medical AI / Principal Architect, iMerit

Ragavan Srinivasan

Head of Product, Facebook AI

Radha Basu

Founder & CEO, iMerit

Prabhdeep Singh

VP of Software Products, SambaNova Systems

Naqi Khan, MD, MS

Principal Program Manager, Health AI, Microsoft

Kriti Gupta

Data Engineer, The Floor

Keith Fieldhouse

Director of Cyber-Physical Systems, Kitware

Karthik Paga

Senior Research Engineer, Raven Applied Technology

Kai Wang

Director of Prediction, Zoox

John Dolan

Principal Systems Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University

Jinhua Zhao

Associate Professor, MIT Mobility Initiative

Jeff Mills

Chief Revenue Officer, iMerit

Jai Natarajan

Vice President, Strategic Business Development, iMerit

Jack (Xiaojiang) Guo

Head of Autonomy Platform, Nuro

Ivan Lee

Founder & CEO, Datasaur

Hussein Mehanna

Head of AI/ML, Cruise

Huma Zaidi

Director of Search, Browse and Voice, Target

Glen Ford

VP Product, iMerit

Georg Poier

Lead Developer, Reactive Reality

Ethan Kurzweil

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Eran Shlomo

Co-Founder & CEO, Dataloop

Eldar Khaliullin

Principal Engineer, Data Tools, Magic Leap

DJ Patil

Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist

Daniel Chow, MD, MBA

Co-Director, UCI Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine

Chris Barker

Founder & CEO, CBC Transportation Consulting

Brett Hallinan

Director of Marketing, iMerit

Bobby Anderson

Clinical Insights Leader, GE Healthcare

Ankit Jain

Founder & CEO, Infinitus Systems

Amanda Stent

Director, Davis Institute for AI

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