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ILCN-ELCN Global Congress

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Robin Austin

Project Coordinator, ILCN

Chandni Navalkha

Associate Director, ILCN

Ander Achotegui

Director, Fundacio Emys

Abdelwahab Afefe

Senior Ecologist, National Parks of Egypt

Aditya Agrawal

Founder, D4D Insights

Ok Amerito

Operations Manager, Land Forum Uganda

Mark Anderson

Director of Science, Eastern U.S, The Nature Conservancy


Coordinator, Panthera

Javier Beltran

Conservation Strategy Manager, The Nature Conservancy

Eron Bloomgarden

Founder and Executive Director, Emergent Forest Finance Accelerator

Clare Cannon

Landowner, Woomargama Station

Gareth Catt

Regional Fire Management Coordinator, Indigenous Desert Alliance

Graham Chisholm

Senior Policy Advisor, Conservation Strategy Group

Chao-Jui Chou

Project Executive, Taiwan Environmental Information Association

Karen Cooper

Lawyer, Drache Aptowitzer LLP

Nathan Cummins

Great Plains Renewable Energy Strategy Director, The Nature Conservancy

Christian Dannecker

Senior Director, Global Sourcing Team, South Pole

Urs Dieterich

Land Use Fund Manager, South Pole

Tilmann Disselhoff

President, Eurosite - the European Land Conservation Network

David Foster

Director, Harvard Forest

Nigel Dudley

Co-Founder, Equilibrium Research

Carolyn duPont

Head of Growth and Partnerships, Upstream Tech

Veronica Enríquez-Ruiz

Director General, Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco

Zach Ferdana

Geospatial Information Officer, The Nature Conservancy

James Fitzsimons

Director of Conservation and Science, Australia Program, The Nature Conservancy

Brendan Foran

Chief Executive Officer, Greening Australia

Jocelyn Forbush

Acting President, Trustees of Reservations

Anton Gazenbeek

ILCN Steering Committee Member

Cullen Gunn

CEO, Kilter Rural

Jody Gunn

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Land Conservation Alliance

Adhiti Gupta

Associate Director, Market Acceleration and Design Funding, Convergence Finance

Stephen Hart

Senior Loan Officer, European Investment Bank

Cilla Hilcove

Conservationist, Conservation Outcomes

Johanna Huber

Results Based Payments Network

Jian Ma

Vice President, Paradise Foundation International

laura johnson

Former Director of ILCN

Letícia Jurema

Project Manager, Life Peat Restore, NABU

Renee Kivikko

Vice President of Education, Land Trust Alliance

Dianna Kopansky

Policy and Programme Expert, Global Peatlands Initiative

Marnie Lassen

Conservation Markets Manager, Trust for Nature

Marco Antonio Lazcano Barrero

Director General, El Eden Ecological Reserve

Catherine Leonard

Secretary-General, International National Trusts Organization

Alicia Leuba

Executive Vice President, Real Bridge Group

Jim Levitt

Director of ILCN

Pille Ligi

Project Manager, Estonian Forest Owners Association

Victoria Marles

Chief Executive Officer, Trust For Nature (Victoria)

Daniel Marnewick

East and Southern Africa Regional Coordinator, IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas

Lisa McLaughlin

Vice President of Conservation Policy, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Dave Meyers

Executive Director, Conservation Finance Alliance

Andrew Mitchell

Founder and CEO, Equilibrium Futures

Brent Mitchell

Senior Vice President, Stewardship, Quebec Labrador Foundation

José L. Monsores

RPPN Manager, Network of Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPNs)

Wojciech Mróz

Project Officer, Eurosite

Anne-Sophie Mulier

Project Officer, European Landowners Organization

Kiragu Mwangi

Regional Representative, ILCN

Maiko Nishi

Research Fellow, International Satoyama Initiative

Nat Page

Director, Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania

Bruno Paris

Policy and Program Advisor, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Roberto Peralta

Attorney, Peralta Abogados

Inga Racinska

Project Manager, Latvian Fund for Nature

Miquel Rafa

Director of Territory and Environment, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Cecilia Riebl

Policy Advisor, Trust for Nature

Breece Robertson

Director of Partnerships and Strategy, Center for Geospatial Solutions, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Helen Rogers

Conservation Finance Network

James Ryan

General Manager, New Zealand Farm Environment Trust

Carlos Sánchez

Fundacion Artemisan

Guillermo Sapaj

Executive Director, Asi Conserva Chile

Misti Schmidt

Partner, Conservation Partners LLP

Margarethe Schneider

AgoraNatura, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research

Harm Schoten

Director, Eurosite - the European Land Conservation Network


Project Manager, Green Space - Espace Vert

Sacha Spector

Director, Environment Program, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Peter Stein

Managing Director, Lyme Timber Company

Candice M D Stevens

Head of Innovative Finance and Policy, Wilderness Foundation Africa

sandra tassel

Program Coordinator, American Friends of Canadian Conservation

Sue Stolton

Co-Founder, Equilibrium Research

Philip Tabas

Senior Advisor, North American Conservation, The Nature Conservancy

Guihong Wei

Professor, Beijing Forestry University

Henry Tepper

Strategic Conservation Advisor, Fundación Tierra Austral

Andrea Tuttle

Forest and Climate Policy Consultant

Pieter van der Gaag

Executive Director, Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Stefan Versweyveld

Head of Department, Natuurpunt

Jóni Vieira


Marc Vilahur

Director General, XCN

Adi Widyanto

Head of Conservation and Development, Birdlife Indonesia

Natasha Wilson

Biodiversity Stewardship Advisor, South African National Biodiversity Institute

Robert Wilson

Director, Conservation Finance, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Nathalie Woolworth

Conservation Finance Program Manager, U.S. Forest Service

Nikita Zimov

Director, Pleistocene Park

Henk Zingstra

Chair, Eurosite - the European Land Conservation Network

Melinda Macleod

Program Director, Environmental Resilience, BHP Foundation

Louise Dupuis

Researcher. French Foundation for Biodiversity Research

Hernán Mladinic

Regional Representative, ILCN

Jeffrey Allenby

Director of Geospatial Technology, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Harry Jonas

IUCN OECM Task Force Co-Chair

Clara L. Matallana Tobon

Researcher, Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute

Marcela Santamaria Gómez

Technical Coordinator, Resnatur

Vanessa Kurukgy

Director, OREs and Land Strategy, Fédération des Conservatoires d'espaces Naturels

Jimmy Woodrow

Representative, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

Bob McLean

Consultant, Centre for Land Conservation

Hans von Sonntag

Eurosite- the European Land Conservation Network

René de Bont

Regional Coordinator, FPG

Shenmin Liu

ILCN Regional Representative for Asia

Ariel Genovese

Coordinator, Red Argentina de Reservas Naturales Privadas

Roberto De la maza

Expert Consultant, Protected Areas, VoBo Asesores Integrales

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