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IFC Online 2021

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Amanda Heenan

Founder at Arc of Inclusion

Anne Clark

Senior Strategist at Forward Action

Beth Miles

Digital Strategy Manager at Forward Action)

Torsten Schmotz


Heike Kraack-Tichy


Cinderella Gluecklich

Strategy and change management

Christina Ryan

CEO and Founder of the Disability Leadership Institute

Gabi Field

Head of Community and Events Fundraising at Refuge

Tony Myers

Principal & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates

Andrew Taylor-Dawson

Development Manager at Liberty

Ruth Wagner


Herbert Witschnig


Kait Sheridan

Director and digital strategy at Giving Tuesday

Rhiannan Sullivan

P, Strategy & Partnerships at

Toni Simpson

E-Commerce consultant at Sustrans

Matt Smith

Senior Consultant at THINK

Gib Bulloch

Founder at Craigberoch

Alexis Gaiptman

Alexis Gaiptman, Executive Director, Humanity & Inclusion

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Fundraising Consultant

Mariana Chammas

Head of Relationships at ISA – Instituto Socioambiental

Max Kowalewski

Strategist at Social Social

Martin Georgi

Chair of the German Fundraising Association

Kathleen Murphy Toms

DIrector, Digital Strategy at GivingTuesday

Laure Buske

Director of Resource Development

Lou Barton

Digital Marketing Manager, Manifesto

Martin Russell

Advisor at The Networking Institute

Erica Waasdorp

President at A Direct Solution

Tari Caliskan

Project Officer at German Fundraising Association

Ewald Verhoog

Digital Fundraiser at

Angela Richmond

Founder, RedFox Research

Jonathan Smyth

Head of Communications & Fundraising at Action Mental Health

Amber Dempster

Customer Growth Manager at Enthuse

Seema Nair

Head of Product Development at SG Global Support Services

Tobes Kelly

VP and Head of Digital (Marketing, Revenue & Operations) at UNICEF USA

Kimberley Blease

EVP, Client Relationships at Blakely

Sarah Olivieri

Non profit business strategist at PivotGround

Kendall Nowers

Digital Marketing Manager at Nexus Direct

Mark Todd

Digital Marketing Manager, Fauna & Flora International

Ligia Pena

International Legacy Consultant at GlobetrottingFundraiser

Joshua Leigh

Senior Digital Manager at Social Social

Jeanette Uddoh

Head, Innovation at Access Bank. Founder at Africa Rising - Women in Innovation

Mike Bailey

Consultant - Fundraising and Impact Investing at The Practical Fundraiser

Mariley Liebenberg

Development director at Cornerstone Woman

Nic Miller

Director of Experience at Fundraise Up

Claire Davey

General Manager: Transformation & Corporate Development Universal Healthcare Services (Pty) Ltd

Houssam Chahin

Head of Private Sector Partnerships, MENA at UNHCR

Kelvin Glen

Executive at Stakeholder Relations at Afrika Tikkun, and director at KhulumaSA

Diego - myDonor

Project manager, myDonor Società Benefit SRL

Jill Ritchie

Consultant at Papillon UK

Nick Burne

Managing Partner at Nick Burne Fundraising

Clare Sweeney

Fundraising Consultant at Keepace Fundraising Consultancy

Melanie Cote

Founder at Do Good Donuts

Laura Champion

Senior Manager Integrated Direct Marketing at Canadian Red Cross

Melody Song

Co-Founder at Do Good Here

Simon Varley

Head of Growth at GivePanel

Patrick Marucha

CEO at Centre for counties Research and Development Agency (CECORADA) NGO

Ryan Joseph Figueiredo (he/him)

Founder and Executive Director at Equal Asia Foundation

Damian Chapman

Director at The Charity for Civil Servants.

Lena Vizy

Senior Fundraiser | Team Coordinator Amnesty International | Co-founder

Nyasha Njela

Head Of Fundraising at

Caitlin Nowicki

Development Coordinator for The Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities

Kerry Phillips

Trust Manager at St Henry's Marist Trust

Irwin Fernandes

Chief, Global Individual Giving, UNICEF

Willeke Van Rijn

International consultant: strategy and business development, change, and transformation

Franck Bocquet

PSP Regional Officer, APAC, UNHCR

Fiona McPhee

Diana Miller

Founder & President, FUNDECISE; leader of UnDiaParaDarCO

Evans Okinyi

ounder & President at FUNDECISE; leader of UnDiaParaDarCO

Maggie De Pree

Co-Founder at The League of Intrapreneurs

David Kidder

Founder, investor, speaker, and author

Mohammed Zaid


Corine Aartman

Programme Manager, Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Dhananjayan (Danny) Sriskandarajah

CEO, Oxfam GB

Nana Asantewa Afadzinu

Executive Director, West Africa Civil Society Institute

Marcelo Iniarra

Founder/Creative Consultant,

Anshu Gupta

Social entrepreneur and Founder of Goonj

Kartik Desai

Partner (Asia), KOIS

Pam Takhar

Fundraising consultant

Linda-Gail Bekker

Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre

Xiomara Acevedo

Founder & CEO, Fundación Barranquilla+20 (Colombia)

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The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance is a charity dedicated to maximising social impact. We serve fundraisers and changemakers across the world through our online Global Community; our in-person conferences and workshops; and through our capacity building programme, Emerge. To find out more and to sign up to the Global Community visit

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On-Demand Videos


Enthuse: Branded fundraising for charities

Fundraise Up

Generate 2X More Revenue With the Same Fundraising Efforts

Build life-changing communications


We Make It Easy

THINK Consulting Solutions

THINK Consulting Solutions – intelligent thinking, creative solutions

Fundraising UK Ltd

News, ideas and inspiration for professional charity fundraisers

Keynote: Future Gazing

Linda-Gail Bekker

Big Conversation: Has the pandemic pushed us to change fundraising?

Willeke van Rijn, Pam Takhar, Kartik Desai and Irwin Fernandes

Keynote: From power structure to ecosystem

Anshu Gupta and Bill Toliver

Big Conversation: Shift the power

Marcelo Iniarra, Nana Afadzinu, Corine Aartman and Danny Sriskandarajah

Keynote: Making change happen

Mohammed Zaid and Xiomara Acevedo

Rekindling a Culture of Possibility and Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector

David Kidder

Fundraising: Out-Experiment, Out-Perform

Tobes Kelly

Human-centred design: A case study in fundraising

Melody Song

Beyond Facebook: The art of sustainable fundraising

Nick Burne

Building better, raising more: Landing pages for fundraising

Diego Da Ros

In the pipeline: Funneling the next generation of fundraisers

Kelvin Glen

Building movements: Making your network work for you

Kait Sheridan, Diana Miller and Evans Okinyi

Giving Zakat: The what, why and how of Islamic Philanthropy fundraising

Houssam Chahine

Building a data-driven future for fundraising

Nic Miller

Going global: Activating your diaspora network

Mike Bailey and Martin Russell

Taking stock: Reviving your strategic fundraising

Mariléy Liebenberg and Kelly du Plessis

Social intrapreneurs: The internal agents advancing meaningful change

Gib Bulloch and Maggie De Pree

Breaking your own rules: COVID-19 and digital fundraising

Rhiannan Sullivan and Andrew Taylor

Out with the old: A fresh approach to legacy fundraising

Ligia Pena and Alexis Gaiptman

Always on: A digital framework for fundraising growth

Mark Todd and Louise Barton

Planning Through Uncertainty

Sarah Olivieri

The fruits of agility: An online pivot to raising £1.3m

Gabi Field

Embracing E-Commerce

Toni SImpson and Matt Smith

A bridge to success: The power of inter-team collaboration

Kimberley Blease, Rachel Hunnybun, Eileen Melnick-McCarthy and Laurie Buske

Don’t take attrition lying down: Maximising donor retention

Fiona McPhee

Individual giving in Asia: The impact of COVID-19

Seema Nair and Franck Bocquet

What the last 18 months have meant for the charity sector

Jonathan Smyth, Angela Richmond and Amber Dempster

Donor journey greatest hits

Ewald Verhoog

Drive the action you want: Digital mobilisation for fundraisers

Anne Clark and Beth Miles