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Lori Goff

Director, MacPherson Institute, McMaster University

Nicole Redmond

Educational Developer, MacPherson Institute, McMaster University

Nicola Simmons

Brock Chancellor's Chair for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Member, Educational Studies, Brock University

Kris Knorr

Educational Developer, MacPherson Institute, McMaster University

Nicole Duck

Conference Chair, Program and Events Coordinator, MacPherson Institute, McMaster University

Klodiana Kolomitro

Associate Vice-Principal (Teaching and Learning), Queen's University

Lindsay Brant

Educational Developer, Indigenous Pedagogies and Ways of Knowing

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McMaster University.

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Universal Design of Interactive Notebooks on Programming

Bin Guo*, Jason Nagy*, Emil Sekerinski

One tech can’t rule them all: Supporting accessibility and engagement with multiple technologies

Mark Lubrick, Lorna Stolarchuk

Student Engagement, Success, and Research Inquiry

Dr. Sarah Clancy, Shaina McDonald, Raisa Jadavji*, Claudia Meneguzzi*

Research experiences for aspiring physicians: An analysis of medical school admission policies concerning research involvement in Canada

Laurie Yang*, Irene Chang*, Stacey Ritz, Lawrence Grierson

Bridging the Disconnect Between Academic Institutions and Employers in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Bridging the Disconnect Between Academic Institutions and Employers in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Reality Simulation for Training Challenged Learners

Prakash Bansod

A student-instructor partnership evaluating reflective writing to guide curricular improvements in health informatics education

Cynthia Lokker, Rita Jezrawi*

Roadmap to a Course-Integrated Goal Setting and Planning Program

Christian Kleiser*, Emma Marsden*, Portia Kalun*, Herry Patel*, Heather Poole, Michael Wong, & Ayesha Khan

Use Interactive Storytelling Trailers to Engage Students in an Online Learning Environment

Forrest Hisey, Tingting Zhu, Yuhong He

An Examination of Student Partnerships within a Teaching Assistant Development Program

Irene Muir*, Paige Coyne*, Elizabeth Ismail

Promoting Innovative and Inclusive Assessment through Assignments Across Disciplines

Andrea Williams

Uncovering the Perceptions of Grades in Dentistry Students - How grades are impacting learning & Clinical Development

Jenna J. Yuen*, Andrew Horne*, Tyler S. Beveridge, Sarah McLean

From virtual campfires to zoom mentoring: Translating immersive, interdisciplinary learning experiences for graduate trainees in aging to an online setting

Allison Dubé, Audrey Patocs, Alison Outtrim, Parminder Raina, Laura Lawson, Susan Rogers, Carly Whitmore*

Remote Teaching and Learning Tools for Nursing PBL Tutorials

Maria Pratt, Habiba Helmy*

Investigating The Gap in Interest and Preparedness In Introductory Physics Courses

Daniel Dobrowolski*, Dr. Clancy, P., Dr. Schmidt, M.

Exploring Introductory Physics Courses as a Student Partner

Nitara Fernando*, Pat Clancy, Miranda Schmidt

DODO: Blocky Coding for Visually Impaired Students

Jennifer Alejandra Cardenas Castaneda* Patrick C. K. Hung Farkhund Iqbal Rafiq Ahmad"

Anesthesia Virtual Resuscitation Room: a low-fidelity simulation platform to facilitate learner competencies

Dr. Gabriel Simchovich, Puru Panchal*, Dr. Mohamed Nassef

Investigating the Impact of Traditional and Voice-based Surveys

Pan Chen*, Naaz Sibia*, Angela Zavaleta*, Michael Liut

Development of accessible and interactive online H5P modules to improve student engagement in a large enrollment class

Nawal Hamza*, Eric Bombardier, Veronica Rodriguez Moncalvo

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