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Alan Dettlaff

upEND Co-Founder, Author

Josie Duffy Rice

Journalist, Podcaster

Maya Pendleton

upEND Co-Founder

connease warren

Communications Director at Abolitionist Law Center & upEND Co-Founder

Micah Herskind


Takara Pierce

Co-Founder + Managing Partner, Black Alder

Jotina Buck

Licensed Professional Counselor, Root + Yoke Wellness, LLC

Shanta Trivedi


Sydnie Dan'el Mares

upEND Communications Manager

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upEND Movement

A collaborative movement that works to abolish the existing child welfare system, which is built on a model of surveillance and separation and more accurately described as a family policing system. Abolition requires ending this oppressive system AND imagining and recreating the ways in which society supports children, families, and communities in being safe and thriving.