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Bill Frist, MD

Retired Senator, Surgeon & now podcaster for "A Second Opinion"

Paul Thomas, MD

Founder, DPC Physician & Instructor, Plum Health

Steven Waldren, MD

Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer at American Academy of Family Physicians

Stacey Richter

Host of Relentless Health Value - award-winning podcast about healthcare value

Jay Keese

CEO, Capitol Advocates

Delicia Haynes, MD

CEO, Family First Health Center; Trailblazer in the Direct Primary Care movement

Zak Holdsworth

CEO, Co-founder, Hint Health, Direct Primary Care Visionary

Al Lewis

Senior Advisor, The Validation Institute & Quizmeister, Quizzify

Lauren Tancredi

Growth Specialist for the Health and Wellness Industry

Marshall Allen

Pulitzer finalist investigative journalist, author "Never Pay the First Price"

Ernie Clevenger

CEO/Founder, CareHere, a Premise Health company

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Hint Health

Hint’s EHR-integrated membership management & billing software streamlines operations so your team can focus on patient care.

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