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Bethany Burk

Chief of Staff to EVP/CEO & Senior Strategist, American Academy of Family Physicians

Ada D. Stewart, RPh, MD, FAAFP, HMDC, AAHIVS

President, American Academy of Family Physicians, HIV Specialist™, Col. US Army Reserve

Jessica Gulish

Head of Sales, Spruce Health

Gabriella Marquez

Sales Manager, Innovation Groups, Elation

Atha Fong

Director of Product Management, Elation

Mark Nolan

Chief Operating Officer, Hint Health

Heather Eden

Director of Business Development, Zion Health

Mike Hanewich

Senior Performance Management Manager, athenahealth

Ryan Choiniere

Vice President, Client Strategies, Northwind Pharmaceuticals

Nathan Udy

President, Zion Health

Ji Xiao

Network Development, Hint Health

Tasha Demkiw

Product Manager, Hint Health

Karith Foster

Speaker, Author & CEO, Inversity Solutions

Michael Palantoni

Vice President, Platform Services, athenahealth

Jennifer Rabiner

Chief Product Officer, Pearl Health

Ankit Patel

President, Pearl Health

Joel Bessmer, MD, FACP

Medical Director, Strada Healthcare

Jeremy VanderKnyff

EVP of Health Data Science, Value & Validation, Proactive MD

Adam Wheeler, MD, MBA

Founder & CEO, Big Tree Medical

Sharud Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Akute Health

VuDang Tran

Head of IT Security, Hint Health

Lauren Tancredi

Practice Development Lead, Hint Health, Growth Specialist for the Health and Wellness Industry

Clint Flanagan, MD

Founder & CEO, Nextera Healthcare

Dave Chase

Creator, Co-founder, Health Rosetta, Hope Merchant, Best-selling Author

Aimee Leidich

Director of Business Operations & Data Analytics, Hint Health

Alexa Schulte

Head of Product, Hint Health

James Gaor, MD

Co-founder, Family Physician, Halcyon Health Direct Primary Care

Emilie Scott, MD

Co-founder & President, Family Physician, Halcyon Health Direct Primary Care

Carlos Reines, MBA, M.Eng.

President & Co-Founder, RubiconMD

Amy Mechley, MD

CEO & Physician, Integrated Family Care

Adam Russo

Co-founder and CEO, The Phia Group, LLC

Maryal Concepcion, MD

Owner & CEO, Big Trees MD

Ernie Clevenger

Founder & CEO, CareHere, a Premise Health company

Bill Frist, MD

Retired Senator, Surgeon & now podcaster for "A Second Opinion"

Paul Thomas, MD

Founder, DPC Physician & Instructor, Plum Health

Steven Waldren, MD

Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer at American Academy of Family Physicians

Stacey Richter

Host of Relentless Health Value - award-winning podcast about healthcare value

Jay Keese

CEO, Capitol Advocates

Delicia Haynes, MD

CEO, Family First Health Center; Trailblazer in the Direct Primary Care movement

Zak Holdsworth

CEO, Co-founder, Hint Health, Direct Primary Care Visionary

Al Lewis

Senior Advisor, The Validation Institute & Quizmeister, Quizzify

Marshall Allen

Pulitzer finalist investigative journalist, author "Never Pay the First Price"

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Marshall Allen

"Never Pay The First Bill"

Hint Health

Hint powers memberships, billing & payments for the new doctor-patient relationship

athenahealth, inc

Taking the pain out of healthcare

American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Medical professionals who treat and reverse disease with lifestyle change for health restoration

Zion Health

Your Partner Reimagining Healthcare

Akute Health

The EHR you always wanted. Built for DPC.

Northwind Pharmaceuticals

Turn Your Rx Spend into an Rx Investment

Health Rosetta

Healthcare is already fixed. Join us to replicate the fixes.

Spruce Health

Healthcare communication designed for modern clinics.


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Pearl Health

Making Primary Care Primary

Direct Primary Care Prescription for Success

Create Your Purpose Driven & Profitable DPC Practice!


Quizzify reduces employer healthcare costs by educating employees to be wiser consumers of healthcare.

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