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ALL COUSINS VIRTUAL FAMILY REUNION 2021 aka Fleming Family Reunion

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Practice Speaker

Teneka (Nikki) Middleton

Educator & Moderator - Gals Roundtable

LaKeshia Lewis

Principal and Educator & Co-Host

Roy (RJ) Jones Jr

Game Show Host, Sports Trivia

Michael Taylor Sr

Engineer & Roundtable Participant

Tanisha Taylor

Educator & Roundtable Participant

Michael Taylor Jr

Granada Moore

________________ at Red Cross, Share her testimony

Maulinda Keith

Rose Pettiford

Prayer Warrior, Domestic Engineer & she is sharing her testimony

Cheryl Prelow

Quontrell Lewis

Nicole Vaugh

Gina Hinkle McCaster

Tracy White Jones

Alicia Buchanon

Kellee Goolsby

Mikayla Middleton

Libby Savage

Nick Savage

Mark Hulsey

Markaisa Black

Innovation Scientist, Procter and Gamble

George Homes, PhD.

Co-founder and CEO of Hire Henry

The event is over

Reconnect To Our Roots Why? Ensuring Our Future (from Fleming Family Reunion 2013 Packet) One of the reasons for holding a Family Reunion is so that we can pay tribute to those who came before us. It is important that we not forget the lessons of the past, the suffering, and the successes Our Ancestors have given us. The knowledge and the strength we must have to survive the future. While Family Reunions are a time to remember the past, they also allow us to look forward to the future by involving the younger generations and planning reunions. We pass on the pride of Our Heritage in between the hugs and the kisses, the laughter and the photographs (and videos). We must make certain that Our Young People understand the importance of why we gather. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM TO KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING.

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