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HGSE Alumni of Color Conference

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Akiea Gross

Keynote Speaker

Cesar Cruz

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Alumni of Color Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Tiffany Stewart

Poem: Black Woman

The Alliance

Our mission is to create a vibrant, inclusive, active, and supportive community of alumni and students of color; we invite you to learn more about The Alliance and share ideas about events, activities, and how we can connect with and support one another.

Re-evaluating Our Values in Education Policy

This booth offers an exercise in mapping educational initiatives and reform efforts to the values that shape them. By re-visiting our values, we can reimagine our educational landscape.

Finding Community and Resilience through the Power of Networks

In the midst of the pandemic, it has been hard to keep a focus on race and equity in schools. And yet in this time of destruction of the very notion of how we do school, we face a great opportunity to dismantle racism. We'll discuss how cross-national networks support PoC as they push their primarily white institutions to restructure with equity in mind and will explore ways that education leaders have been able to plan for and support cycles of change for their schools using networks beyond their school community.

Creative Education for Nature and Health

We form partnerships with schools and education organizations all over the world to promote awareness of health & sustainability through creative projects.

Free College for Whom? Equity Analysis of Statewide Free College Programs

Gain a better understanding of what strong, equity-centered free college programs look like and which states have them.

Libraries y Libertad: BIPOC librarians impacting community education through COVID & beyond

BIPOC librarians impacting community education through COVID & beyond

Equity and Excellence through Professional Education

Professional Education at HGSE is committed to responding in real time to the critical needs of educators, and has sought to create learning experiences that are accesssible, relevant, equitable, applied, and sustainable.

How Are the Kids Doing: An Inquiry into Student Mental Health During a Double Pandemic

Using healing justice as racial justice in the classroom.

The Prosp(a)rity Project - Financial Wellness - When women succeed, we all prosper

The Prosp(a)rity Project is a Silicon Valley-based, nationally-serving nonprofit empowering Black girls/women in the U.S. with tools for financial literacy, entrepreneurial/professional success and holistic wellbeing.

Harvard Innovation Labs

Join Adrian Gill (Brand Experience & Creative Director), Thara Pillai (Director of Alumni Engagement), and Josh Rowe (Director of Marketing) to learn more about this unique community and how to get involved.

Pontiac Strong

Coming together to address ACEs and childhood trauma. Voices from our Community Champions

Harvard Black Graduate Student Alliance

The Black Graduate Student Alliance booth is a platform for all things BLACK across Harvard University's 12 graduate schools. The BGSA believes that we must continue the work of highlighting Black health awareness, artistic expression, and scholarly excellence, amongst other Black endeavors.

Student created anti-discrimination toolkit for secondary schools

Inclusivity toolkit created by students at the International School of Geneva. Combining definitions, real experiences and tips for the entire community to learn and grow together in an effort to combat oppression.

ProjectHEAL Inc. Presents: Dear Trauma, Let's Get More Acquainted (A Conversation About The Impact of Trauma-Informed Education)

Welcome to ProjectHEAL! This booth offers an opportunity to learn about how ProjectHEAL’s Trauma-Informed Education has equipped education leaders with practical resources and inspired hope --in a season of insurmountable stress and despair--across the nation through partnerships established within K-12 schools, community based organizations and universities.

Overcoming Pandemic-Related Disruptions to Diversifying the Teacher Workforce by Race

Our booth provides a timely opportunity to problem solve with the Chief Officer of Human Resources and Equity in a school district committed to diversifying its teacher workforce and providing its teachers of color with environments in which they thrive.

On Being BIPOC: Together...Or Not? The power, benefit, and the cost of being collectives and individuals

To BIPOC or not to BIPOC: Together...Or Not? The power, benefit, and the cost of being collectives and individuals Representing different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and living in different parts of the country -- from California by way of Korea and reservations out West to the South, DC and East Coast -- they will engage in conversations around this topic, considering different aspects of history and the role white supremacy culture has and continues to play in it. Join this participatory cross-cultural exploration between: Jane Kim-Korean American, Samantha Fletcher-African American, Loyola Rankin-Native American