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Healthy Aging makes Happy Aging!

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Iedereen wordt ouder, SOULMATES genieten ervan!

Creative Therapy

Motivational and data-driven rehabilitation


Jane, meer dan een alarmknop!


Voel u altijd en overal zeker.

Total Innovation

Minder verslikken Meer zelfstandigheid

SilVR Adventures

Virtual Reality based experience solution for seniors to reduce isolation and loneliness

Tante Anne

Klein geluk, elke dag weer

CT Paramedics

Wij versterken teams in de thuisverpleging die zelfstandig willen blijven.

Distrac Group

Autonomie voor iedereen


Hoe corona net kan leiden tot sterke veerkrachtige teams: training voor leidinggevenden!


Cytotoxic CD4 T cells

Triamant Haspengouw

A living lab for healthy and happy aging

KU Leuven

Inspiring the outstanding

Universiteit Antwerpen

Preserving balance in order to preserve cognition: a step towards healthy aging.

KU Leuven & UGent

Development cognitively enriched walking program for older adults

GIGA I3 research group - CHU Liège

Healthy aging, a Euregional challenge and opportunity

KU Leuven - Martinod NETs lab

Heart failure research

MY HEALTH - Sporebiotic Specialists

Targeting the microbiome for novel therapies

Rega Institute - Clinical and Epidemiological Virology

"Nothing in human immunology makes sense outside the light of clinical evolution"

KU Leuven

Functional measures to evaluate muscle power in older adults