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Matt Biilmann

Co-founder & CEO, Netlify

Laurie Voss

Data Evangelist, Netlify

Claire Knight

Engineering Manager, Netlify

Massimo Pegoraro

Technical Director, Atoms Studio

Tomas Krag

CTO, Hilding Anders Group

Steve Sewell

Co-Founder & CEO,

Travis Garcia

Sr. Director of Product Management

Filip Rakowski

CTO & Co-founder, Vue Storefront

Debbie Ellison

Chief Digital Officer, VMLY&R Commerce

Martin Hobert

Frontend Manager, Salling Group

Dana Lawson

Senior Vice President, Netlify

Matt Foyle

Senior Solutions Engineer, Algolia

Nicolas Le Pallec

Executive Technology Director Europe at AKQA

Iris Schiefer

Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager, EMEA at BigCommerce,

Ali Hanyaloglu

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Akeneo

Matthew Griffiths

Solutions Architect, Cloudinary

Steve Jenkins

Tech Lead, Tile

Christian Bach

Co-Founder & CSO, Netlify

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Uniform Workshop

How to get started with Composable Commerce


Netlify, the platform for modern web development.

Build and optimize digital experiences on any site or app. No coding required, and developer approved.

commercetools Frontend

commercetools Frontend


We're in the business of reimagining eCommerce.

Kin + Carta

Global digital transformation agency

Last Rev


Composable without compromise


The leading composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Algolia provides a set of hosted APIs to empower developers to build search and recommendations into their web and mobile apps.

Commerce Layer

Composable commerce API for developers


Exceed the limits of modern commerce


Organize your content for the world


Next-level ecommerce for everyone