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Nicolas Waern

CEO & Digital Twin Specialist

John Burton

CEO, UrsaLeo

Gareth Johnson

Chief Software Architect, J2 Innovations

Nicholas Gayeski

Co-Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Chief Executive Officer, Clockworks Analytics

Rick Jennings

Data Analytics Application Engineer

Gerry Hamilton

Director Facilities Energy Management, Stanford University

Marc Petock

Executive Secretary, Project Haystack, and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lynxspring, Inc.

Brian Frank

Brian Frank, Technical Lead, Project Haystack, and CEO & Founder, SkyFoundry

John Petze

Founding Board Member, Project Haystack, and Partner & Co-Founder, SkyFoundry

Matt Schwartz

Associate Principal, Altura Associates, LLC

Alex Rohweder

Co-Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Chief Executive Officer, J2 Innovations

Richard McElhinney

Co-Executive Director, Project Haystack, and Chief Software Architect, Conserve It

Emma Eynon

CEO & Founder, Fantom Factory

Steve Eynon

CTO & Founder, Fantom Factory

Gabe Fierro

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines / National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Jamie Lee

Product Marketing Manager, Siemens

Eric Anderson

Software Engineer, Tridium

Matt Blount

Director of Strategic Projects, 75F

Deepinder Singh

CEO, 75F

Jean-Simon Venne

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, BrainBox AI

Shilpasri Basappa

Director of Product Development, 75F

Anto Budiardjo

Anto Budiardjo, CEO, Padi, Inc.

Alper Uzmezler

Managing Partner, BASSG

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Project Haystack

Project Haystack is a trade association with the purpose of fostering the common association and interests of software and technology companies focused on developing semantic modeling solutions for data related to smart devices including: building equipment systems, automation and control devices, sensors and sensing devices, promotion and education with respect to the semantic data modeling industry for building automation systems, and to engage in educational activities directed towards the improvement of business conditions of the semantic data modeling industry for smart device data, all on a not-for-profit basis.