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Happiness & Its Causes 2020

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Suzy Green

Leader in the fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology; Founder of The Positivity Institute

Felicia Huppert

Emeritus Professor of Psychology & Founding Director, Well-being Institute, University of Cambridge

Hugh Mackay

Renowned social psychologist, researcher and bestselling author

Sue Langley

Keynote speaker, global consultant and positive leadership expert

Toni Powell

Storyteller, workplace culture wonderworker and author

Lisa Forrest

Swimming champion, Australian Olympian, and Commonwealth Games dual gold medallist; mental skills coach and author

Tim Sharp

(aka Dr Happy), leading positive psychologist, executive coach and founder of The Happiness Institute

Lizzy Williamson

Personal trainer and fitness guru, author of Two Minute Moves

Jono Lineen

Storyteller, walker, and author of Perfect Motion; curator, National Museum of Australia

robert biswas-diener

Pioneer in the application of positive psychology and leading authority on strengths, culture, courage and happiness

Rick Hanson

World expert in positive neuroplasticity; psychologist, best-selling author of Hardwiring Happiness

Bernard Desmidt

Author of Inside-Out Leadership and accomplished executive leadership coach

Shannon Harvey

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and author of The Whole Health Life

Christine Carter

Sociologist, author, happiness and productivity expert, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center

Will Jelbert

Writer, communications consultant and coach; best-selling author of The Happiness Animal

Jennifer Moss

Award-winning journalist and expert on happiness and emotional intelligence in the workplace

Petrea King

Mind-body healing pioneer; Founder and CEO, Quest for Life Foundation

Sophie Scott

National Medical Reporter, ABC TV

Sharon Kolkka

Leading voice, consultant and advisor in the field of wellness

Nickolas Yu

Leader in workplace meditation and evidence-based healthcare coaching

Melli O'Brien

aka Mrs Mindfulness, respected meditation teacher and co-founder of

Costa Georgiadis

Much loved host of ABC TV’s Gardening Australia with an all-consuming passion for plants and people

Ruby Wax

Best-selling author, writer and performer and award winning one-woman theatre shows, and mental health warrior

eve ekman

Leading researcher and trainer in emotional awareness, empathy, compassion, mindfulness and meaning at work

Clare Bowditch

Music maker, story baker and educator

Michael Steger

Psychologist and researcher into how leading a meaningful life contributes to wellbeing

Shamash Alidina

One of the UK’s most popular mindfulness teachers and author of bestselling Mindfulness for Dummies

Richard Wiseman

Described by Scientific American as ‘the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologist in the world today

Robina Courtin

Inspiring Buddhist nun and founder, Liberation Prison Project

William DeJean

Inspiring educator and Founder, Unleash Learning™

Lea Waters

World expert in education and parenting and Founding Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology, Uni of Melbourne

Tenzin Choegyal

Tibetan composer, activist, musical director and cultural ambassador

Elissa Epel

International expert in chronic stress and co-author of The Telomere Effect

Ian Hickie

Professor of Psychiatry, Co-Director, Brain and Mind Centre and former National Mental Health Commissioner

Kristin Neff

Psychologist and pioneering researcher into self-compassion

B. Alan Wallace

One of the foremost meditation teachers of modern times, renowned Buddhist scholar, author and teacher

Roy Baumeister

One of the most influential and highly cited psychologists in the world

Tal Ben-Shahar

Positive psychology lecturer and best-selling author, who taught Harvard's most popular and life-changing course

Barbara Fredrickson

Acclaimed positive emotions researcher and best-selling author of Positivity and Love 2.0

Richard Davidson

World leading neuroscientist and psychologist, renowned for ground-breaking work studying emotion and the brain

His Holiness Dalai Lama

Nobel Peace Laureate and revered spiritual leader

Gillian Coutts

Author, Non-Executive Director Uniting NSW.ACT and Country Director of Potential Project

David Michie

Meditation coach and internationally best-selling author of many titles including The Dalai Lama’s Cat series

David Roland

Dr David Roland, psychologist and author of 'The Power of Suffering' and 'How I Rescued My Brain'

Toni Noble

Leading teacher, educator and psychologist in student wellbeing and positive education

Anthony Bennett

‘Miracle man’ who survived a near-death experience and then raised millions of dollars for a children’s hospital

Cris Popp

One of Australia’s leading proponents of resilience and thought leader on innovation, performance, and leadership

Chade-Meng Tan

Former Google Jolly Good Fellow, award-winning engineer, international bestselling author, and philanthropist

Tony Steel

CEO, Happiness & Its Causes

Reena Kotecha

Inspiring medical doctor and employee wellbeing expert; Founder, Mindful Medics

duncan young

Workplace wellbeing leader and strategist, Head of Workplace Health and Wellbeing, Lendlease

Jodie Lowinger

Clinical psychologist passionate about sharing her expertise in managing anxiety and building resilience

Maria Sirois

Psychologist, consultant, teacher and author of Happiness After Loss

Jamie Thomas

Proud GunaiKurnai man and Maara descendant, Storyteller and Creator of Wayapa Wuurrk

Evan Sutter

Author, coach and founder of Hapzly, an organisation creating tools and initiatives to help make the world happier

Beth Phelan

Organiser, Happiness & Its Causes Executive Director

Michele Chevalley Hedge

Nutritional medicine practitioner; author of Eat, Drink and Still Shrink – a joyful guide to living

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