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Grow F Demo Day #5

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der brutkasten ist Österreichs multimediale Plattform für die GestalterInnen der Zukunft


Metta Space

B2B Deep Tech to help companies tackle sexual harassment

reduce emissions using your data


Your gut health advisor that combines science with data to personalise clinical and nutrition advice

Grow F by Female Founders

Investment Readiness Accelerator for Female-Led Ventures


Behaviour-priced insurance for an inclusive and affordable rental experience

Witty Works

B2B SaaS in CommTech to unlock performance with inclusive language, thanks to a de-biased language AI


audio-based learning & collaboration SaaS for businesses


Deeptech startup developing a perceiving platform for Human-Centric AI focused on human bodies.

LEEVI Health GmbH

All-in-one solution for health tracking and sleep monitoring of babys, giving guidance and assurance to parents


An audio professional network for easy insight exchange.